YHCHEM Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge (Brand New in California)

Yhchem YCE-30 Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge
Basket Diameter: 500mm
Volume: 100L
Basket Height: 500mm
Motor power:3.7kw (220v,3phase)

Los Angeles, California
Available Now

Price: $29,500 or best offer.

I purchased this unit brand new 4 months ago and never used it. There was too much work/equipment required for ethanol recovery. I have the original receipt also if needed.

Does the unit have an explosion proof motor? Is it ul or ce listed?


Edited the title because yhchem doesn’t sell a cup-30 centrifuge. However, Delta Separations does.


I emailed them to find out re: explosion proof motor

It is not UL listed (would have to change the pump)

My apologies. I thought that was the standard for the 30 models. Thank you for fixing.

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Still available.

still around and very motivated to sell, will hook you up!

Still available.

You should post pics IMO


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Price-is-right rules 251.00

Here are the photos.



I figure the tangential drain alone is worth $1000

…hoping it’s not that much work, but that’s the budget I’m requesting for my first attempt at retrofitting one :shushing_face:

Edit: first one was $4500 as an add-on.

Hi -

Three questions: 1) is this cryocentrifugation 2) if so, what’s the low-end temp - presumably -60°C? 3) if so, what’s the volume?

I’m very interested; I’m in California.

Ophidian -

YHCHEM-Users Manual-YCE-30 ethanol extraction centrifuge.pdf (1.2 MB)

Probably useful for potential customers.

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Yeesh - I’m more confused now than before. Thanks for the reference point, though!

I found their website, which does a better job:

Still available :slight_smile: