WNC THCP? How real could this be?

First actual post here, hopefully I’m putting this in the right category.

So something came across my radar and I’m wondering if the hive mind here might have more information. Apparently WNC is set to release some THCP gummies this friday. Now, I’m highly suspicious this product is fake. I know we just isolated THCP only earlier this year and am aware that @krinkle has some in the works with his master chemist.

What are the chances this company has actual THCP and figured it out before anyone else did? I was passed a lab sample which honestly looks like it was made in MS paint.

Do you guys have any experience with this company being reputable? What about these Spectrum Labs folks, are they legit?

Thanks guys!


Doesn’t spectrum labs make the QUICK FIX fake urine kit?


They also have been quietly pushing this product. I’m very skeptical and I’ve tried to contact them in the past about thcp to no avail. That said, I’ll more than likely be buying some to test.

Edit: their website now mentions thcp while it did not in the past.
Edit 2: I forgot I have a bottle of this that was gifted to me in the past. I’ll run it through gc this afternoon if there is time.


I’ve been aware of the Alt/D9 company as well, their posted labs just show D8 in the product and no mention of THCp.


Buwahaha… I don’t think thats the same company. The URL on the lab brings us here: https://thespectrumlabs.com/

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My assumption was they needed an accredited lab to sell the product and none that I know of can test for thcp. But I am on the same side of reasoning that there is not any thcp in the product. I just don’t know for sure.

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I don’t know but WNC grows legit indoor flower and does great business so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

If anything their supply was dishonest and the labs were unable to confirm what it is. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s coming from the same lab in Israel that the supposed THCV is coming from.

I had a feeling all that pink crystal wasn’t from around town.

I couldn’t remember what country it was. I first met someone from Australia selling it but it’s definitely coming from Israel, everyone is just importing it. Worth noting that Israel has a lot of very advanced cannabis research facilities so it comes to no surprise that they’re ahead of the game on some of the conversions.


And growing / patient trials

Chilmark labs got sold to OBX

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glad to see you actually make an effort to verify a COA is legit

I figured if anyone knew what labs could actually test for THCP it would be this forum. I havent gotten a good response yet so I’m assuming it’s still a mystery to everyone.

Guess we’ll wait and see what this product even is once it launches.

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OBX is definitely importing from Israel too. All these places advertising obscure cannabinoids need like 2 months to get it. That’s why. Which is fine if you’re transparent about how long it’s going to take but some of them are pretending they have it on hand to rack up money for a bulk purchase.


@kcalabs and @Dr_Jebril, can you guys identify THCP?

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Yes, we test for THCP.


Bada bing! There we go guys. It can be tested by a quality lab.

Whats the LOQ you test at? Looking at the above report from Spectrum it is a very small quantity.

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It would be somewhere in the ppm area. The method is not validated, so we would perform method development on the sample sent in.


In my case not yet.
I will be able as soon as I get my hand on a THCP rich sample, or a concentrate.