Wiped Film Parameters


I wonder if other compounds like CBG, CBC or CBN can effect color and if so how much. In your test 7.3% of the TAC was something other then delta 9. What would be interesting to see is if 99.9% water clear THC oxidizes. I was always told its things other then the cannibinoids reacting with the air which causes oxidation, but if you had high purity D9 and it oxidized then that means there has to be something else happening.


@Beaker ever see your distillate oxidizing in storage?


Hey brother. Running my first pass on short path. Can you help me please. Heating mantle above 100 but vapor is not traveling through short path. It stays in the mantle


Every time I re open this thread I just lose it/ y’all are amazing - I’m finishing my WFE/FFE hybrid glass steel monster this week and this forum has been such a huge resource.


Well first of all that’s not wiped film. Secondly not much will distill at 100C so that’s not too surprising. Finally, what is your vacuum level?

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It is short path like I said. I had the mantle up to 250. Not sure how to check gauge for micron level tbh.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: 250!? Why?


Are you interested in a consult? Sounds like you could use some 1 on 1 time with someone on here


@Pineka what parameters do you run for your terp stripping pass? I ran some tests on 1st pass SPD distillate at pretty close to these parameters and it cleaned it up perfectly! I would love to try out your stripping parameter along with exactly your first pass parameters! Ill get some testing done in the name of science and post here as well =)

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This might be a stupid question, but I just started running a wiped film and on the glass we are getting some build up. Kind of looks almost like the crude is burning on the evaporator wall. What could cause this? We are running at 180/90 at around 200 RPMs .

I am wondering if it is my settings or possibly something to do with the crude?`


we get some build up on our walls after a long day of first pass. In ours it’s probably a mix of carbon fines making it through the filter and that sugary stuff you see in ethanol extracted crude. I’ve been washing 500 ml of ethanol through with the walls at 95c then running 2 liters of micro 90 at 3% concentration and finally rinsing with distilled water. Both the glass and wipers look brand new after.


Thank you for the reply,
Our first pass is quite a bit more like burnt on material. I am concerned it either our crude or settings.


Sugars and salts most likely, needs a good cleaning. I clean mine pretty regularly, keeps the wipers quiet.


Let me guess, this was alcohol extract. Water will take it off. Watch out because if the build up is too much, it will stop the wiper blades from wiping effectively.


Sugars fo sho

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Much appreciated responses, is there a good way to remove sugars from Ethanol extracted crude before the WFE?

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Brine wash will remove it. I’ve heard scrubbing with bentonite can too, but can’t confirm.


You’re not extracting cold enough with your Ethanol if thats happening. Be careful, enough of that and your wiper will seize and you’ll have to clean that bitch


Try Paratherm LR…way cheaper than Syltherm and same physical properties. Switched all my units to LR many years ago.Trick of the trade…put a small bag of molecular sieve in the holding tank. Use the larger molecular sieve…size of rice…wash the dust off with acetone…dry…put in small micron filter bag and put in tank. When you shutdown the unit they tend to pull in atmospheric moisture and will freeze into ice crystals over time and plug off the pump inlet. The MS will absorb the water and hold it…change it every couple of months. …maybe more in high humidity rooms. I always warm up the chiller to at least room temperature before shutting it down…it definitely will help.

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Tricks of the trade