Wiped Film Parameters



I wonder if other compounds like CBG, CBC or CBN can effect color and if so how much. In your test 7.3% of the TAC was something other then delta 9. What would be interesting to see is if 99.9% water clear THC oxidizes. I was always told its things other then the cannibinoids reacting with the air which causes oxidation, but if you had high purity D9 and it oxidized then that means there has to be something else happening.


@Beaker ever see your distillate oxidizing in storage?


Hey brother. Running my first pass on short path. Can you help me please. Heating mantle above 100 but vapor is not traveling through short path. It stays in the mantle


Every time I re open this thread I just lose it/ y’all are amazing - I’m finishing my WFE/FFE hybrid glass steel monster this week and this forum has been such a huge resource.


Well first of all that’s not wiped film. Secondly not much will distill at 100C so that’s not too surprising. Finally, what is your vacuum level?


It is short path like I said. I had the mantle up to 250. Not sure how to check gauge for micron level tbh.