Wiped Film Parameters



and who is the “homie” above? lol, I dont know who that guy is and he definitely doesnt know me. Want to see test results? look all over my IG, I have nothing to hide. I post my 97% TAC results all the time, which get automatically retested by my lab because anything over 95% should make you suspicious.


Maybe you should reread what i put above, i told you when they were DECARBED IN THE SPD they turned yellow. They melted clear and turned yellow immediately after in the flask before being distilled.


My claims arent absurd. My tests results prove my point, just because you dont like them doesnt mean shit. Im still waiting for you to show me any kind of test over 98%. I bet you dont have one, EVER xD i have lots seeing as that I DO THIS SHIT ALL THE TIME! I think multiple tests from different companies all over 99% prove the point im making. You can sit here and try and pick apart a test all you want, the bottom line is my tests always come out super high with the VTA no matter what company i use so i know my distillate is good. Im not worried about an exact number for potency on distillate, the fact i can pull a test with over 100% thc is a testimate to high quality distillate. Im still waiting to see anything from you.


Your IG has one test at 92% first pass on a BR… bro how are you even talking right now. Please show me something close to what i post. Even your water clear is pink rofl


+1 for phytoconstiuent knowledge - I don’t know what’s up rn but this thread looks a mess- i would love a hand getting my WFE dialed in later this month- I’m legit making popcorn right now.


I misunderstood, because the only photo of the yellow product was distilled.

What was the lowest achievable pressure prior to decarb, during decarb, and after decarb?


Hey @CannaChemistry and @Kingofthekush420
Lets get these replys under controll, these forums aren’t for fighting. If thats your goal go at it on instagram, not here.
Lets Discuss this here, the pigments in distillate do contribute to the entire makeup of the compound, and the tests are accurate to around 10% hence the 110% cannabinoid content on some results.
RingTestOShaughnessys_Aut11.pdf (497.3 KB)

check out this article.


Results are in:


@ersatzteil Impossible! You cant hit those puritys when distilling! Lol jk some people are clowns. Nice job. How was this made? Do i see a glass VTA above?


Lol, had to retest a few times to make sure. I sent through the VTA 3 passes; 1st 160C/50C, 2nd 169C/50C, lab tested it at 88%, then did a 3rd using Pineka’s settings of 146C/72C. That final pass really cleaned it up.

For the record, color doesn’t seem to be a determinant of potency. My stuff is more amber visually at 95% compared to 87% distillate I bought out of house.


When you did the first 2 passes, did you actually get distillate coming out or did you do a terpene strip? are you following the VTA sop? The test above that was 1004 MG was made on your same machine in 2 passes. From what ive seen the VTA SOP setting are beast which is why im asking if you followed their SOP.


Try running your condenser hotter, I have a feeling youre running it too cold and yorue condensing things on your second pass you wouldnt normally condense. Try second pass at 172 evaporator and 78 on the condenser, it might save you a pass. You ran the condenser at 72 on the second pass i noticed. Also, are you decarbing and deterping under vac? It literally makes all the difference in the world.


Thanks for the input! The SOP I got was 1st pass at 160C for terp strip, 2nd at 169 to collect distillate on the condenser. I’ll try the settings you suggested and post results.

Fully decarbed before going to VTA, so first pass is mostly terp strip. You’re right on the condenser being too cool; I notice next to no collection in my cold trap on second pass so lighter terps etc must be still sitting in the condensate. I’ll update results with parameters here.


Awesome, keep us posted! Im really interested to see if you can duplicate that result in 2 passes with those temps


Will do!


Once again my 99% result, this on first pass. No jealousy here. Again though ask the labs yourself. They will freely admit a ± 10% margin. This is not secret info.



This was on a WFE correct?


Yes, a chemtech.


VERY NICE. Was this 1 pass including a terpene strip pass? or just one straight pass from crude to distillate? I know theres margins of error, to be able to do that though proves you know what youre talking about.


It is one straight pass from crude to distillate; The only stripping is part of the earlier decarb process.

Personally I believe pure THC is totally colorless, because of results like the oil from Beaker I posted. If D9 was yellow, no oil with high amounts of D9 would be colorless; you aren’t going to somehow “cancel out” the color with an impurity. As far as melting the crystals I would posit either an impurity that wasn’t apparent earlier (because crystals always look whiter; let yellow CBD distillate crystallize in a jar and it will look more off-white by the time it’s done), or minor oxidation.

All of my wiped film was yellow, and the higher test result ones did seem to be lighter. But I do not believe you can correlate test results to color in that manner because they are not sensitive enough. The pigments seem to be effective at less than a percent. Not surprising really.