Wiped Film Parameters



You have to change the preset temp restrictions, im pretty sure it talks about how to do it in the SOP


I am curious to compare photos. I post photos of VERY small dabs that I run through my rig and although it would be hard to define the exact type of refinement I employ once evaporation begins, generally speaking it employs the same principles as other concepts employing deep vacuum, evaporation, then either deposition or condensation into or upon the collection point.

I have a good notion of what high purity isolate looks like. I would be eager to compare a picture of the isolate you speak of at 99% cannabinoids from a single pass run and compare it to what I call my high purity protocol disty. I have seen others mention lab numbers this high too from a single pass too but am curious to see a picture because lately color of compound has become a point of interest in our community. If I could compare the 99% disty pictures you have generated in your rig that produced it to the ones I have of small amounts of fresh isolate then it might offer insight into what kind of color others are seeing at such high levels. It could offer insight into just what is in the 1%-4% portion of the compound that is excluded from the rest of the THC. I am not interested in lab numbers per se because my trust level of what I see is MUCH higher than the lab numbers in general of labs across the continent. Recent news of fraudulent and even criminal behavior by labs unfortunately bolsters my distrust of lab numbers, but a picture is hard to doctor up even if a nefarious soul wanted to.

May I see some pictures of this high purity so I may compare them to other high purity photos?


I tried your temp settings to run about 3000g of 88% test that did an initial 160C then 169C per SOP, I’ll post results when they are in. Vac was 3 × 10-3 mtorr, 300-350rpm on the wipers.


This was warm extracted hexane crude that was winterized and passed through the VTA twice. I can’t find the final test result that came out ay 99.9% (my original IG got deleted with it on there). As ive always said color means nothing


Your 99% results were bullshit. Show me two test results on that material that look the same


No need, i have nothing to prove. Sounds like someones mad they cant do the same. :slight_smile:


If there’s color in it than 99.9 is literally impossible. You’re out of your mind if you even believed that and didn’t question your lab hahahaha


Youre dumb to think pure thc is clear, go distill some diamonds and itll be yellow noob. Oh youve never tried that? Maybe you should before you talk shit. Youre a moron to think color has anything to do with potency lol


What color are they when you decarb those crystals under high vacuum but don’t distill them?


When decarbed in the SPD the clear crystals turned a yellow, heres a pic of the starting material.

Heres what 1 pass did on a summit spd


lol watching a “verified consultant” believe a lab and whine like this is too comical. people actually hire you? whats your degree(s) in?
try googling anthocyanins, maybe you’ll learn something today.


Why are you saying he’s BS? Keep the drama on Instagram. I have had 99.9% a few times now tested from cannalysis and sc labs


You are literally not in the lab enough to talk out loud.


How about everyone bring it down a notch.

Everybody knows lab test results have a margin of error as much as ±10%. Oregon actually allows up to 20% RSD between duplicate tests. So nobody can make a statement that their material is 99.9% in an absolute sense; they aren’t accurate enough to make any conclusion on whether there’s 1% contaminate or 0.1% contaminant, and what the color of that contaminant may be.

That said, a 99.9% test result is great. That’s as good a test result as anyone can possibly be expected to give with these testing variances and it’s a testimony to quality.

It may be possible that a true 99.9% cannabinoid distillate would be as colorless as Beaker’s oil here. Or it might not be the case. Nobody can make that determination based only on these cannabis lab tests. It would require much more sensitive tests to actually determine the amount of non-cannabinoids and their identities.


I think we are all tired of people in this industry exaggerating. Dont make absolute claims if you dont want to be questioned. Hey @Future , how do you feel about the situation?


How is it exaggerating if i have tests to prove what i say? Id love to see someone talking shit post a test even close to what i have, till then theyre just a jealous hater. Be mad at the lab, all im doing is conveying the test sorry if it pisses you off i can hit these purities and you cant lol


Then show us. if you’d like to verify that, I’d like to see it tested in triplicate by at least two labs. last you said you couldnt even find that test results.

Anyone who believed a 99.9% result and isn’t skeptical, and doesn’t ask for a retest, and doesn’t send it out to another lab, has their head in the clouds.


I said i couldnt find the FINAL results, theres no need to triple test a sample. I have nothing to prove especially to you, if anyone does its you, you feel you need to talk shit then lets see some of your test results? Have you ever had a sample that tested this high? Post it please. I trust the lab i use, maybe its not 99.9 but i guarantee its higher then anything youve ever made. You wont even post any results and youre here talking shit. I believe my test results because when i use the VTA i always get results like this. Heres another one thats over 100%. I don’t need to triple test the same sample to try and figure out what it is exactly, i know its super high purity because i always pull results like this. Talk shit all you want, at this point youre the only one who hasnt proven themselves. Homie above says youre never even in the lab, sounds like youre a troll to me.


Have you ever sent multiple identical samples to the same lab? If you have, you’d probably know that there is sometimes reason to retest…

The only way I believe any results with no skepticism is by sending three samples to three different labs and coming to a conclusion that way.

When I asked what happens to the color of pure THCa when decarbed but not distilled, you presented a yellow product that was distilled. Again - what color do the pure THCa crystals turn when decarbed under the deepest vacuum possible? Not distilled…


your ignorance is appalling lol. i’ve got nothing to prove because im not the one making absurd claims. if you dont know the importance of redundancy and consistency in testing then you’re more green than i even thought.