Tricks of the trade

@Killa12345 I don’t know if this has made it here yet or not but for passive recovery in coolers this is must! Thank u so much for the tip!

I recover 5.5lbs in 25-30min 84-85f

Lifting it off the cooler really speeds things up, otherwise ur collection pot freezes to this bottom, getting it up some really let’s water under it good…so good I’m missing my pour off!


IT hasn t And You realy have. A point
Please edit a short explanation of iT s use :fist_right: Great


Thanks for the credit. I’ve been using these in my recovery coolers for about 5 years. Keeps the bottom of your collection tank off the bottom of your not jacketed.

Cheap $8 makes recovery about 25% faster on flat bottom
Splatter platters.


When mixing solvent with filtering media, I put both in Mason jar with lid on, shake, adjust mixture for desired consistency, and pour out into funnel. Way easier then stirring and way faster. Uniform consistency.


Stop bulging Lids on diamond forming mason jars by using 2 lids instead of 1! Pro Tip!!!


here is a nice low tempature heat exchange fluid that wont break the bank, thanks @WipedFilmGuy !


So @Killa12345 came with the idea of dubbele capping jars :ok_hand:
But now i stubled upon these
The brand is le parfait its a french company and they sell these capsullels inner caps that are quit neet
They work well in the vacoven to seal jars vacuum to :grinning: for more info


Does it work well? How do you mount the bag?

The key is to make an insert pipe with holes like a second basket diameter on most of mime is approx 21cm
I use metric diameter pipe by spiro a ventilation pipe manufacturer
And a variac at times is handy to controller engine speed

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The pipe inside the bag inside the panda?

Inside the panda basket weldeden to iT

To support the bag gotcha. So the bag is centered

Yes and the filter bags have a plastic rim
That fit s snug over the insert pipe.


That’s legit I love it. Fuck any other filter ha

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Without the bulging lid ‘safety feature’ do people risk more exploding jars than usual?

I still think the lid would bust off before the glass exploded


No way!? You might have just saved me. I was just about to use lye, but I was afraid of it. This, if it works, will be sweeeet.

Wow that’s awesome. Honestly never would have guessed a vac could hold that weight

a 12’’ could easily hold my weight under vac

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15lbs per square inch…

Adds up fast.