Winterizing bho sop?

Can anybody share a winterizing sop for bho? It’s been years since I’ve done this and have better tech now. (Not just coffee filters and ball jars)
Should I run crude through the spd first or winterize first?
Tools on hand:
200 proof etoh
Buchner funnel
Celite 545
Activated carbon

I wiuld winterize inline first

Tane and 545 will work just fine.

545 should do it also

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Please elaborate. Please shoot me a list of parts and necessary items. I have a 4 inch column big that makes a difference.

Also I have a bunch of crude that is already ran. So I need to winterize that separate. Any input is appreciated.

Dewax column at -60 for 1 hr then filtered through celite and a 5um filter should grab almost everything you want it to.
Etho at similar temps for same amount of time filter over celite and 5um or finer paper through funnel will achieve your goals also


Dilute it in butane. Also get ahold of some t5. Dewax, filter through celite over the t5 that should help you with the undesirables

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Your saying dilute my crude in butane? And then what?


you could dilute into butane, and go the CRC route, or you could read the Winterization thread and go the more traditional route.

Does it needed to be diluted into butane? Could you just use your 10:1 ethonal crude and push through crc?

You could. You would be disappointed by the results. The solvent in use changes the way the magic dirt works.

Start here: EHO Color Remediation


How much would I need to dilute my etho crude with butane? 1:1?