Winterizing BHO Crude without purging in Oven


I have recently figured that the bho shatter Im making into distillate probably does not need to be purged in ovens for 3 days to remove the butane. I was wondering if other than mixing the crude oil in an ethanol mixture and heating, if there is any other post processing required to remove all remaining butane prior to rotary evaporating?

I am currently decarbing on a hotplate until I can purchase ovens I can both purge and decarb at a steady 140 for about an hour. Anyone have any experience in polishing crude right out of the closed loop?

Thanks guys

How much you extracting?

Honestly I got one of these before a vacuum oven and it helped me a lot when I was only blasting 2 Oz with my closed column.

Closed loop and larger extractions I would just say save for an oven

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I spray staright into stock pots and add etho it will be completely dissolved and room temp filtered with in hours of comin out of machine

you can take your crude directly from the closed loop and add it right to alcohol and start your winterization…no need to purge. You will need to kinda have a baseline yield for your material.

Let just say im running crude in my extractor. im running 2.5lb runs and the material pops off 10% yeild… I will pour that 110G or so directly into a liter or so of everclear. Rough filter it once in the buchner then right into the freezer for more winterization before distillation.


I do something similar. I’ll have a jar with x amount of alcohol weighed beforehand. I’ll do my pour into the alcohol and weight it after it settles and add more alcohol as needed


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out of the CLS?

nah, the current state of the art is to polish IN the CLS: Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.


I know you can ahieve this with a dewaxer and running cryo, but unfortunately my lab isn’t going to pay for that chiller or freezer capacity

Blasting around 40lb of trim in a day.

Hardware Factory Store has a vacuum oven for a little over 1,000$.

I believe when you add in a winterizing solvent like ethanol it will “kick out” the butane molecules via some soluablity property. If I’m incorrect please let me know!

@Cheecharoni yes the butane leaves when you add ethanol.

no, it is not “some solubility thing”.

its a boiling point thing. butane boils at about 0oC. so as soon as you lower the viscosity of your extract to the point it can leave, it will (assuming you’re above it’s boiling point).

heating the extract up, and lowering the boiling point of butane achieves the same thing (in your vac oven).


if you can make sure your trim is frozen right after being trimmed, then invest in a couple coils and stick them in dry ice and alcohol and you wont even need to dewax… trim runs will be looking like nug runs real quick