Will shatter shatter without DEWAX?

Got some pretty noob questions here as it’s all pretty new to me and this site is hard to navigate for whatever reason. So apologies, but any help would be great. Getting lots of buttering/sugaring on the end slabs now when it wasn’t happening previously. I’m not dewaxing so was wondering if this is now something crucial to get that glass consistency.


Having a seperate dewaxing column really changed the shatter game for me. It is possible to achieve what you want without it but the gas needs to be cold af (like tank on dry ice for an hour) and needs to go thru as fast as you can. No soaking. Then I would close off the material column even if it’s still dripping and recover, then pour w minimal agitation. You can also take non stable stuff and put it in the material column and w propacts and run it again


Also changing ur desiccant beads every fucking time is necessary. U may have moisture in ur tank


Really hard to find any truly good dewaxing info and I’m more of a visual learner.
Any YouTube vids or step by step pic tutorials you can reference for good dewaxing process? thanks for taking the time to respond

No problem. Are you doing all the things I said? If ur not changing ur desiccant every time that is def the problem

Man, I have zero knowledge of changing desiccants other than growing shrooms hahahaha.
I thought that was for a post nitrogen assist???
Anyway, trying my best here and I’m going fucking nuts as I had great shit for a good while and it’s been downhill for a while.

Dessicants remove the water from your solvents when your recovering and distilling. You definitely have water if you never have dried your gas. That’s causing the sugaring, totally agree with @Anonymousextract.

Look into a mol sieve setup.


Start here Molecular sieve beads

Use the search bar or ask more questions if you need to…


Basically 80% of everything I make is shatter. I don’t dewax. Just run as cold as possible. At least sub zero. Definitely not needed to achieve shatter


Not sure if these pics are posting well on the thread here. I get a very reasonable turn around in terms of results with the look, smell, no sugaring etc, but why the hell its not “shatter” is beyond my current understanding. So dessicant beads are a good step forward to try, but could anything else contribute to this almost “rubber” pliability? Drives me a little nuts. Lots of conflicting info on this forum as everyone seems to have their own way of doing things. Some people SWEAR dewaxing is the key, others say they are goddamn idiots. I dunno, it’s a hell of a process for sure but one I enjoy for the most part. So far, everyone here has been amazing so THANK YOU!


Usually it’s my more terpy runs that end up like that


When you dewax w propacts u see the waxes in the propacts. It’s so visible it’s hard to deny that it helps. Just dewaxing w out propacts is arguably pointless

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And your stuff looks great, especially if its not crc


when you dewax you cold crash thca and lose a lot in your filtration. better to just run subzero




High Terp content will cause a pull and snap texture


I don’t dewax and I get crispy shatter. Cold solvent. Coils are much easier than icing your tank.


It’s your material bruv. Some strains just don’t shatter. We don’t have the knowledge yet to really understand why so we can control it.

Like they said above, most ppl attribute pull and snap to terps.
You can try dry drying your material out real good before you run. That seems to help me get more stable product.

IMO your dabs look great as is


Ya I agree pull and snap tastes and smells better. But I see what u mean from the pics. It will have a short shelf life before buttering.


If that is the case, I think you May have moisture in your material.

When I used to have a shatter only lab, we would lay out all the trim in bins in a room with a dehumidifier and an ac. That really helped to give the extract a long shelf life.

You can try leaving the open bags or tube in a your bathroom with a small dehumidifier And the fan on over night.