why isn’t this site more strictly moderated?

The longer i am here the more i wonder what use allowing off topic discussion in threads actually is. In contrast to another technical forum, xdadevelopers, future4200 is a sprawling disorganized mess, and it seems to be getting worse in the time ive been here. As the site grows the need for moderation increases. If we are here for discussion of science, i wonder if the signal gets lost in all the noise

Mods are good and bad, you can get an overzealous mod that will shut something down that could have led to a unique discussion.

Also, I sure as hell don’t want to spend time being a mod, not sure anyone else does either. I’m making stuff with my free time.

Mods are kinda neckbearded gate keepers imo, if reddit is any indication. I dunno, I get things are getting messy here, but mods just turn to little egotistical asses.


The lack of overly strict moderation is one of the most attractive aspects of this forum. For me at least. @Future knows the merits of anarchist philosophy (favor freedom over most other things) and applies them to his website. Also, this is the weed game, we shouldn’t expect too much organization or professionalism. I agree that some of the spam salesman get really annoying but I’d rather have that than everybody having to watch what they say because certain mods will be quick with the ban hammer.


Took a look at xdadevelopers… Seems to be about half the site is advertisement. There’s your answer. Moderation takes time, which costs money. If you want a safe space, try Instagram. If you want to pay for a heavily moderated forum, by all means, start your own.

There’s multiple threads here already about this, please use the search bar.