Who is king of EToH Recovery?


Thank you. I was told that you get more bang for your buck with the NextGen so I just assumed that it is faster than FFE since it is not cheap either.


Hi… I’m Jason one of the owners of NexGen Enviro Systems, Inc. Our HR600 unit can continuously recover around 75 gal/hr of ethanol. It is a completely automated system and can decarb as well. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Pricing and lead time?

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Hi Jason. Do you have any additional info on the unit besides what’s already on the website? Any technical doc or comparison data? Can you send it to: hello@denex.co. Thank you.


@WeedChemist. I sent you a DM.


@DENEX I will email you more info when I am back in my office on Wednesday. I’m flying all day tomorrow.


Unfortunately it looks like I genuinely won’t be able to put any videos up until the start of May. We can however put you in touch with plenty of people who have personally run the units.


Really been trying to get in contact with your sales team. Would love to chat. Please hit me up wolfe@tragarinc.com


Just sent you an email.

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Step aside Tom


But it’s still a batch still?
If so… I have neat tricks for you …


Nah this is part of my ffe


Show us a video of it running please!


Sure will! Eta 2 weeks


Any update on that monster of a still?

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Looking for a place to run demos in currently


What area?


Sacramento, California


Dude. I told you I’ve got guys close by that would love to play!

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Ya give me a shout I’m in Sac and I’ve got several warehouse spaces with plenty of power. I’ll dm you my number