Who is king of EToH Recovery?



And Delta posted a video of their unit (for 150k) clocking 170 liters/hr on ig yesterday


Unless you go with a simple pot still for recovery. Smearing is more of an issue when trying to make a neutral spirit in a reflux column. A pot still can just be cranked to 11 for stripping runs (or in our case, high volume etoh recovery).

@cyclopath Did you ever get to see that 100 gallon vacuum still in action? ~370 liters in “an hour or two” for 40k sounds like a hell of a deal.


No. And holding my breath on that doesn’t seem to have been productive.

I’m not sure what the current snag is…

It’s no longer my problem, but I’m still trying to get them operational.


NBOler system can run 225 L/hr (or faster), but a lot of that depends on the ancillary equipment used (heating/chilling), and matching nozzles/pressures to the desired through-put.


I agree, most of what is currently available is “pilot scale” compared to other industries, though some of that seems to be based off volume of ethanol that can be stored on site / in the lab. As fire Marshalls allow larger scale labs, I see units scaling up to keep pace with increasing demand.

As for through-put, it seems like you really just need adequate residence time in the Falling Film to vaporize/evaporate the ethanol, and same with the condensing columns. I’m a mechanical engineer, so the Chemistry portion is a little past my limited Chem understanding, but from a Thermo perspective a well balanced system can hit the through-puts mentioned. NBOler has a system that has been hitting those numbers, and I believe go higher with higher capacity ancillary equipment.