Who here has raised pigs?

I have 2 chest freezers loaded!!! Good times!!!


The Berkshires. Growing nicely. I love the kunes for what they are, but the Berkshires are really my favorite.

Butchering the non keeper next month. Super stoked.


Kune sandwhich with Berkshire buns over a bed of alfalfa

Butchering the Berkshire on the left this weekend.


Sounds like you’ve got some experience. Is the fat on the grass fed/finished hog a yellowish tint? or just the grease? I’m curious because from my understanding in cattle, yellow fat is an indicator of grass fed/finished while white fat is grain fed/finished.

Stoked, went smooth.
Got her gutted, skinned and she is hanging til the morning. Good way to start off the weekend


Got all the cuts I want so far. @Dr.stanky Jowl bacon included. About to break down the back legs. Stoked.


I’m the true “King Of Jowel Bacon 420”


Speaking of jowl bacon

It’s literally cooking right now🤣


We are about to go slice one chunk up and eat it on breakfast sandwiches


@Dr.stanky @Pupparoo is it weird that I gaze at jowel bacon pics like dank nug pics? Bacon is an issue. Probably one of my worst habits.


Little bit of Jowl bacon


@Dr.stanky, @ExTek90 and other Michigan folk, you heard of this shit? Older video, but has me wonder where the regulations are at now….

Disgusting and scary.

Floating space pig


Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up. I’ve been looking into what’s the best livestock to raise in this state, they make it kinda hard. I’m now looking hard at ducks for eggs over other birds.

You see the Japanese toilets episode of South Park yet? The toilets represent a lot of different things in this country nowadays.

In regards to that farm, check this out:


I know dnr is extremely concerned about feral hogs. Every deer harvest report asks if you’ve seen any hogs, but this is the first I’ve heard of this

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The regulations are public. You can read them here. And a court case in 2019 (After the one in the video) - had the courts saying that the DNRs calling of these hybrid heritage hogs “feral” or “Sus scrofa Linnaeus” unconstitutional without providing more defining characteristics.

So you now - probably your pigs are not boars (although they might be…) and probably they don’t have the elogated snout and striped fur babies of the Sus Scrofa.

In any case - supposed to be that the DNR can’t go around shooting your hogs anymore - unless they are exposed to ferals (disease?). And they have to give you specific due notice if they decide they care about your animals.

The butchers are accepting your animals again (unless like some people, you prefer to handle that at home for your own usage).

The rules for farming are fucked - very much so being legislated by the big 3 meat producers, trying desperately to both prevent you from competing and also to protect their herds/flocks from disease which “maybe” “might” come from your animals.

its kind of crazy - since in some places they are making it nearly impossible for big factory farms to operate… like Colorado… and at the same time they are making it impossible for small farms to operate. Perhaps its a global conspiracy to get rid of animals altogether… hmmm…

Also - you are in MICHIGAN! All those fabulous images and amazing dishes and wonderful animals are just here, so very close to me?! I am impressed. And want to visit. And hope to see you at Hash Bash, <3.

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All great info, thank you for that! And no I am not in Michigan, sorry if my post read that way (and I appreciate the kind words) haha

Sunning the bacon…

Can see her belly in this one good, getting big quick! Piglets should be end of may-early June


Heard rumors about a new law going into effect june 1st all antibiotics etc and usually sold over the counter drugs will need a prescription with limits on them who can write them. Friend owns a feed store here told me