Who do you appreciate at Future4200? (The say something nice thread)

There are days that it seems like there’s a lot of noise and negativity. We can all show a little gratitude or share a kind word to others. I’d like to make this post to say who you appreciate on the site here.

@Future for being a good host and knowing his values on topics like permaculture
@Demontrich for being extremely knowledgeable and making me feel welcome when I got here
@Sidco_Cat for saying things I wish more moms would say
@BG305 for being one of the best damn commercial growers I’ve ever seen
@Curious_Roberto and @The_Lone_Stiller for always following up with a like when someone contributes something meaningful to the conversation
@JedClampet for being down to earth and shooting the bull with a dude who isn’t even on his knowledge level
@Dr_Jebril for advancing the field of cannabinoid isomers
@kcalabs for offering services based on solid science
All the folks like @Hansel who have contributed to the AGT-50 thread

I know I’m missing a bunch of folks, but there’s plenty more space here to say something nice about other Future 4200 members.


@sidco for being a great host too!
@asher for giving me a call when I was having a rough day just to say thank you for the sample
All the folks that get nominated for Member of the Month and nominate someone who they think is more deserving.


@TheFeds for never coming by my house


I always appreciate @BG305 for motivating always. And big appreciation to @qma for always being there for me when I need help.

@qma goes to the gas station and hires day help for me. He’s always here helping when I’m short handed! My only employee is his homie too and he’s a great guy!


The trifecta

The pod buildout, the stainless, the carts and fillers


Our whole team here at KCA feels lucky to have @Dr_Jebril a few keyboard strokes away.

Thank you to everyone for welcoming us. It felt like a gauntlet to gain your trust (it still is for some of you).


I appreciate all the fabricators and manufacturers here that build all the fun stuff and understand the skookum jokes like @Soxhlet, @TwistedStill, and @JedClampet.

I especially appreciate the kludgers that come up with the most elegant (and sometimes inelegant) solutions with no frills like @cyclopath, @Rowan and @Roguelab

I revel at the knowledge provided by the real mad scientists like @Dr_Jebril, @squig, and @Photon_noir for trying to walk us Philistines through what we are actually doing lol

I give the greatest thanks to all the people who actually know what they’re doing manufacturing concentrates that deign to share their knowledge and time to answer our (my) questions and are too numerous to list

And I appreciate as well all the fine people who reach out asking for help with this problem or that which I enjoy seeing solve those problems with the help of everyone here.

Lastly, I would be remiss in not thanking sidco and future for giving us a place to all get together


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@cyclopath and @Roguelab for answering high-dea pms.


@qma for the 50 shooter and helping make glass and ceramic carts popular outside of just vendors.


I don’t even know where to begin haha.

Really all I can say is I’m blessed to be in the company of such giants.


@Lincoln20XX @cyclopath @Photon_noir @tweedledew @coppertop, excellent friends and smartest people i’ve met in the industry.


I’m so grateful to be apart of this community. I feel like I’ve found an intellectual home of sorts here. I can’t remember the last time I’ve found so many wonderful, down to earth people, aggregated in one place.


I love this forum, it helped me get out of polymer chemistry and into the cannabis industry, which I’m much more interested in.

I appreciate the help I got early on from @Dred_pirate @Demontrich @Soxhlet @Roguelab and @Killa12345

In general @MagisterChemist @cyclopath @Photon_noir have posted a lot of very useful information which I appreciate!


This site is the only thing that’s ever got my attention to read. I might have done 50hrs of reading, in all my years of grade school, 240 here in 2 years… Thanks @Future @sidco for making this site possible, thanks to the rest of you brilliant minds -2 for all the great info. Lots of laughs around here too. Cheers fellas :beers:


Man, that is what I want to say! :rofl:


I was writing this long winded paragraph, but that said it a lot better.

This place is amazing and all of you impress me daily.


Thanks to all the “regulars” even the ones without the badge/handle haha

I have learned 95% of what I know about hydrocarbon extraction from this site. Growing was becoming pointless without being able to process my own material.

Thanks for all the help everyone!

Also want to say, everyone I have met from this forum irl has been super legit…


All the ladies…


First found future looking at the OTSS tek and been here ever since.

Everyone I’ve had interactions with from the forum has been great.

@spdking @RockSteady @rougelab @BluegrassCBD @SpringCreek


Man i appreciate all of you. Especially the home team, @Killa12345 for leading my to the well and @qma for putt8ng me up on the latest and greatest in the cart game. I want all of us to acheive our greatest dreams. A quote from my mentor.

You’re now in a game where only time can tell
Survive the droughts, I wish you well - hold up
Survive the droughts? I wish you well?
How sick am I? I wish you health
I wish you wheels, I wish you wealth
I wish you insight so you could see for yourself…