When it rains, it pours. Broke a jar of D9

Someone did give me an idea on what to do to fix this issue but maybe someone else has had this situation happen. I need to remove all the glass from here with minimal loss because I need the money from this as it’s my last resort from someone robbing me of over $8,000 worth of cash / product. It’s a shit situation because this is all he left me with to make ends meet. I’ve been posting a lot on here about my situation for the past month but simply because I need guidance and I don’t take advantage of anyone who tries to help and appreciate anyone who helps me.

Thank you

I feel like I’m at a stoplight and you’re telling me new stories daily but I never have any change

Soak the entire mess in warm Ethanol then strain that with a T-shirt / cotton cloth and start from there. Will need to be filtered further with low micron filters but that’s a start


Do you have any means of solvent recovery?


He can make a bunch of bananas foster

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What are you planning to do with the disty?

If you not worried about the color, I have an alcohol distiller you can have. I feel bad for your situation with your kid.

If you plan to make edibles with this oil. I can send you a Büchner funnel, flask, and an alcohol distiller so you can filter and recover the alcohol

I wouldn’t do this for carts.

Merry Christmas and good luck! Stay strong!


Strangely enough, this HAS come up before…

I’ve tried to gather some of the key concepts here: How to turn "Shatter" into diamonds/sauce/distillate/anything I can sell?

Another exploration here: Distillate Jar Broken In Transit

I recommend you skip the solvent if you don’t have the gear.

As far as carts vs edibles, carts are arguably safer imo



Step 1: place the whole dish over a pot of water and put it on to boil

Step 2: once disty is nice and hot and flowing use a metal mesh strainer to strain the big pieces of glass out. A heat gun will definitely help you here

Step 3: pour into another jar. The glass will sink to the bottom. If you are careful, you should be able to decant most of the oil from the top without disturbing the glass on the bottom if it is hot enough.

This is where I would probably redistill the oil to ensure no glass remains, but you gotta piss with the cock you’ve got. Just don’t put out product that will hurt people with residual glass. Not worth any amount of money imo.


Mesh kitchen strainer. Another mixing bowl. Kitchen oven 200° & some patience
Should drip through and remove the bulk of your mess from there. Idk id use a buchner if you end up scoring 1




Note: heating in the presence of O2 isn’t going to do any favors for the color of your product, and if there are already terps in there the taste will suffer as well.


It is already terped…

I have 3000 empty carts to fill and this is my last of my last I didn’t have enough for the carts to begin with smh


Melting in a closed jar and decanting. Then running the last bit through the strainer with a heat gun would be how I’d attack this at home.

In lab I’d stick a sintered disk in the middle of one of our decarb vessels (6” jacketed spools) and pull vac/nitrogen backfill a couple of times before heating.


Nice rig


That thing is beautiful.

Buy a cart farmer (I’ll shill all I want come at me)

It has a screen filter in the hopper. No need to worry continue as normal.


Add some ethanol and filter it, then do a Buchner purify. If you still need to run thru short path , but the Buchner should clean it up. This is not a loss.


This would be okay to still make carts?

Imagine you actually get glass loaded into a cart.

Explain what happens next…


Maybe re-read the thread.

Answer isn’t wrong. Except in context.

Homey don’t got no spd. Nor a buchner.

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That’s not glass dawg those are diamonds

You smash the cart and turn them in for jewelry

Oops wrong company


I found it!!