What's your opinion of the Subzero Scientific FFE

Has anyone on here had experience with SubZero’s Einstein FFEs? We are looking a the Einstein 6100.
Some questions I’d like answered.

  1. Do they meet the stated performance benchmarks?
  2. How is their reliability?
  3. Do they deliver on time?
  4. How is their tech support?
  5. How is the quality of their ancillary equipment?
  6. Are there any hidden/ unexpected expenses we should be aware of?
  7. What would you recommend for 40-80 gph recovery if you had to do it all over again?

TIA- Mal

I can’t say I’ve used their FFE but ive done a couple small consulting jobs where the client had subzero equipment. Lew and the team make some seriously quality gear. They build shit the right way. Not the cheap easy way. They have great Customer service from my experience and we’re really on point getting us what we needed. Professional might even be the right word. And if you ever get a chance to go to their shop in PDX and meet some of the crew and see a small slice of heaven, do it! it’s so fucking worth it. Good luck and happy buying!


Have you put them against the Yellowstone FFE?

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You wouldn’t by any chance own a Yellowstone FFE? Been trying to dig up feedback on it and how it compares to other FFEs

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I think @Kingofthekush420 has one of the yellowstone FFEs?

what are you looking to find out? i have a modified unit and can answer most questions.


Thanks for the input. We will likely check out the shop if we are in the area.

See the questions listed above in my original post.

No, not yet.


we currently run the Einstein FFE. It’s a great evaporator, I have known subzero scientific since 2012,when the where doing subzero Saturday’s, I have ran multiple CLS Built by them, Lew and JD and crew are great. I would recommend Subzero Scientific.


I took a tour of the subzero facility. I don’t see why their ffe wouldn’t hit the numbers they claim. Not sure why it’s called the Einstein lol. @downtheterphole your modified one should be called the Frankenstein!

If you are skeptical put specific expectations in contract with them perhaps…?

  • Do they meet the stated performance benchmarks?

exactly as stated. disgusting fast with hexane. with more temperature it can exceed them, but it is not recommended.

  • How is their reliability?

i haven’t broken it yet, even with non recommended solvents.

  • Do they deliver on time?

no issues.

  • How is their tech support?

have not had to deal with them yet.

  • How is the quality of their ancillary equipment?

it’s only a radiator. it survives rain and a little wind. the heater element is built in.

  • Are there any hidden/ unexpected expenses we should be aware of?

no surprises. unit worked turn key for alcohol. i had to swap gaskets for hexane compatibility.

  • What would you recommend for 40-80 gph recovery if you had to do it all over again?

invest in a bigger rinse solution.


sub zero system is great, and pretty.

I have PERSONALLY seen them in use, and they function great and meet the specs they advertise pretty damn close

I would look thru the posts here if you are in the market.

There is “other” companies that offer far more value and options. :joy::joy::joy:. Almost 200k for 50 gallons per hour is damn near insane.

Might as well just roll your window down on the highway and throw stack of cash out just for fun :joy:

And bad business practices if you ask me lol

It’s like when summit was outted for just slapping the summit logo on all kinds of China and boosting the price 1500%

When most of those customers found that out, I doubt many of them were happy.

It’s not about “hating the player OR hating the game”

It’s about honest business practices and ACTUALLY caring where your customers money goes.

I’ve found few that actually care, pricewise, but damn I cannot say it enough


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Bizzybee has a 80GPH option for 250k and with better chillers and heaters it can hit 100GPH


:eyes::eyes: I bet it is amazing.

But again, damn expensive

IMO …1000 per GPH of recovery will the future of Falling films.

50 gph is easy to achieve with minimal effort in my ffe, but the fact that subzero and bizzy bee’s systems are proven and have a 3rd party review puts them at a bit of an advantage. I agree you are paying a premium for the systems that are 150k (even mine is 150k) but these machines, including mine can pump out 20k+ of revenue per hour. The amount of money you will lose for downtime outweighs the initial cost. Whoever you buy from, I would consider buying multiple pumps and having the ability to run your cooling system off water.

Didn’t really wanna hijack the thread but here is mine 50+ GPH FFE for sale 150k - #15 by Apothecary36