What on earth did I make ?

Hey guys,
I’m new here and new to this whole extraction thing.
So I blasted some AAAA+ with butane, cooked it down in a double boiler in a mason jar, but them outside to cool off a bit (Canada it’s cold) and threw them in my vacuum oven. Within seconds it started bubbling and then they exploded. I was trying to make shatter but I got a crystalline substance. Posting photo. Any help would be appreciated as my source is out for a while due to a fire.

Also would love to know how to get a lighter colour out of my blast. I’m using a pvc pipe and coffee filter. Lol don’t make fun I’m an amateur.

Thanks again, stay high all!

Can you show your pvc tube with filter


There was another person on here with a similar problem.
He also let his extract rest outside in the cold… :thinking:

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It’s must be a Canadian thing. I get that result when I end up with primarily thca after blast and pull a vac too soon.

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Its 2020 and people are still using pvc. :nauseated_face:


I blast through old lead water pipes, really gives a nice carbon fiber coloring to my shatter. The street racers love it.

Edit: just a joke, and not directed at OP.


Surprised it took 4 replies for someone to say something


@Idab916 He’s asking for help… I’m not here to make fun of people for what they’re using.
Stuff isn’t so easy to get in some places and most of the stuff you need for a legit set up isn’t cheap.

He came here for help and y’all just wanna dawg on him using pcp. cool.


Cant put a price on ppls health. Blasting thru pvc is 100% a no-no for safety to ones health.


Well I probably shouldn’t assume but I’d be willing to bet he knows that


Couldn’t resist the typo lol. But in all seriousness I don’t think anyone is trying to give him too hard of a time. Just surprising seeing people still using pvc. Glass or SS tubes are pretty readily available online as far as I know.


Pcp :rofl:
You know what I meant lol.
And you guys are right, it isn’t safe… I just assumed he knew that and didn’t care. Probably shouldn’t assume that

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That color looks nice, I wouldn’t want to do anything about that. Do you have $30 to get a glass tube to blast through online? PVC doesn’t stand up to butane very well so you no doubt have some PVC in any extract you get out of it. Please at least get a glass tube or if your can afford it a stainless steel tube.
As for how to improve quality, the colder your conditions the better the resulting extract. Get everything cold as possible. Remember that if you’re using cans you have to stay above 0°C to maintain pressure, so just refrigerate your cans and freeze your packed tube.
And if you’re wanting a shatter consistency melt it down at 30°C with vac in a thin sheet. At this point what you have pictured may be too far gone


Did you heat the shatter at all before going into the vac? Most likely it muffined up on you and got cold.

Also, get a glass or stainless steel tube ffs. If you can buy fire material, you can buy a better tube… :man_facepalming:


Also this plz, I need to see it to believe it lol


Thanks everyone. We can definitely buy better products to blast with but Iike i said I’m new at this and I’m here to learn which is why I posted.
What kind of stainless or glass tube do you recommend ??

Thanks everyone, even the meanies lol

And I’m a girl, for the record :slight_smile:


I boiled it off in a jar in a double boiler, then let it sit inside for 15 min, and then brought them outside for 15 min before I put it in the vac.
I don’t have the tube here my friend did the blasting for me cuz I’m afraid I’ll explode lol
I’ll definitely get a better tube tomorrow !!

Also, what kind of filters are best ???

Did you warm it up at all prior to vacuum??? If not there’s your answer to why it looks like that.

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And we are trying to teach you to stay away from pvc lol. How much material will you be blasting each time you make shatter?