Crystallized after just a few hrs??

Hello, newbie here, just blasted some BHO and this happened, can anyone help me figure out what happened, figured I’d experiment a little.

Is it CRC bho?

I don’t understand what your asking.

Sorry did you run this through any powders? Is this open blasted or cls?

Is it CBD?

This is just reg. Open blast into a freezer safe jar and left in the snow. Temp outside here is 34f

No it is not.

looks like bread crumbs fam


Can u explain the steps u follow? Is it under vaccumm?

It looks unpurged

Simply just as I stated, blasted HIGH QUALITY BUDS into a freezer safe Mason jar that I set into the snow to blast into. Then did the same onto another jar. Then went inside for another beer and jam on my guitar for like 2 hrs while I let it reduce. Went out combined the 2 jars and noticed the one jar had white powder looking substance so I looked into the jar I dumped into and noticed the same thing and when I swirled it it didnt separate. So I poured that into a 3rd jar and tapped the empty jar, and the stuff broke apart, that’s where I got the chunks from.


Yes, it is not purged.


And no I didnt purge it. Just happened. Any idea?

You should probably send me that, I’ll let you know what happened to it once I get my hands on it…

But seriously, maybe a stupid question, did any snow get in the jar while it was outside? That’s the only thing I can think of, that looks pretty interesting.


No snow got into the jars. It wasnt windy at all.
And ya I’ll send it right out to ya bub. Lol


Welcome to fresh material blasted cold. By the looks you probably could ran more/or a blended solvent dry ice cold gas and got ur terps too

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I saved the pour off, still got it.

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Let it EVAP and put em back together

A vacuum chamber is must though if ur gonna do it you need one

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I have one, so do what?

Purge sauce and diamonds separately, then add em back together and enjoy!

Terps need less vac and heat to get fully purged compared to the diamonds.

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