What is the CRITICAL step in cloning?

*I’m wondering what you all think is the single factor that will make or break cloning? I have some experience growing and maintaining just a few plants but I have an opportunity to take some clones and I’m nervous that despite all the reading I’ve done on this forum, I’ll still mess it up.

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The most important part is a healthy mom
Then I would say humidity, followed by temp

First 5-7 days you should be at 78-82f with a humidity of 100%
(open your dome once a day for a minute of fresh air or you will get mold / rot)

Good read:


I just took some cuts from some plants like 6 weeks into flower. First time trying monster cropping. Did it late. We’ll see how it goes.

Should I water the rockwool cubes? It’s been a week. They feel kinda damp but mostly dry. Dome still has drops in it

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I think the most Critical Step is to decide to start cloning… the most crucial step as with everything else in life is to read, research, read some more, research a little more, and then give it a shot.

One thing with learning to clone is that when you make a mistake or something goes wrong there is not subsequent explosion or fire

It is really a quite simple process… cannabis plants want to propagate so you are only providing them a nice spot to do what they already want to do.

Good luck… there is a wealth of cloning knowledge to be had in the search box :mag: and a lot of good videos on you-tube

Once you have given it some effort if things are not working the way you anticipated come back and explain what you are doing and what is happening that you are not happy with and I am :100: % certain someone will step in and help :spoon:


My mom was trying to cut flowers and they kept wilting and dying immediately. I had to tell her to make the second cut underwater to get the air bubble out. :slight_smile:

Obviously this is basic knowledge, but that air bubble caught in the stem is the fastest way to kill a cutting if it is not removed. I usually do multiple cuts under water to make sure it gets out.


It is certainly possible to root cuts taken that late, obviously far from ideal. It is critical not to let rockwool get bone dry. You also don’t want it sopping wet. A gentle squeeze should yield no drops. Now you are a week in, are you seeing yellowing? What solution did you soak cubes in? Condensation inside dome is a good thing at this phase. You may consider sitting your tray on a heat mat.

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here is a tip you never heard of.
i noticed razor blade would get black cutting clones.
well to cut lettuce with out browning you use a ceramic
knife. so i sent away for some ceramic razor blades.
works great. been using same blade a few years now.
been glad i had thought of it, works well.
i like rapid rooters and a dome. i use powder cloning
powder. i cut clones put into a rapid rooter. then mist the dome.
i let them sit unheated a week. opening dome 1 time a day.
i blow on cuts and put dome back on. after a week i put on
a heat mat. checking every day that the rapid rooters do not
dry all the way. then pot them up after rooting.
hope this helps good luck




No yellowing at all.
The nugs and leaves look like the day they were cut. I did cut the leaves in half when I put them in rockwool.

I used a light dose of the gh 3 part and some plus c when I soaked the cubes and sprayed the dome

I also dipped them in clonex after cutting and scraped off the hard layer (maybe too much on a couple)

I feel like my cubes might be getting close to being too dry. Do I dip the cube? Mist it?

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Those lil foam cubes was game changer w clones for me…rooting hormones or not it stayed the perfect wetness to draw the roots out everytime…I’d try to use some rooting hormone if I had it but the perfect wet to dry over and over would here roots out in a dome w humidity high

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You could use a spray bottle to moisten the cubes. Dispensaries use eye droppers to water them.

Tom gave good feedback check his link out




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You want your domes to look like this for the first 5 days for sure.


This underwater cut is what’s up, I put all the cuts in water and then cut again underwater.

I use coconut water and aloe Vera, 1oz each per gallon, in the cups and soak the cubes

I spray the dome the fist day


The most critical step in cloning, aeroponic. 100%

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You know, I never even considered once the cleanliness of planting in general, great point! I homebrew and for that there a huge cleaning factor to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination (outside of the yeast you pitch in to the carboy) so that your beer doesn’t taste like shit. When you mention cleanliness for cloning do you mean just cleaning dirt and grime or sanitizing with some bleach or Start-San?

Your work area and your tools should be sanitized regularly and don’t forget your germ magnets(hands) if not wearing gloves

Cleanliness is next to godliness!

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What kind of ceramic razor blades do you use? I was planning on using stainless steel as many people probably use but I totally think ceramic is a good idea to prevent rut formation and from making really rough cuts.

Also what rooting hormone do you use and how much? I was considering messing around with that stuff?

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