What is a genuine sauce pen

Hi guys. I recenly poured off some sauce from diamonds. It tests at 50% thc. I would have loved to centrifuge it but the company I work for doesnt own one. Instead we did a slow 2 day “decarb” at 140 F(not sure if it is considered a decarb under 220 F) in mason jars so the terps would stay contained in the jars. We left each jar with 3/4 headspace to leave room for carboxyl groups to break off. Had it internally tested and thca is non-detectable. Our first run of sauce pens were 30% sauce and 70% distillate (I don’t consider this a sauce pen). Personally i think our pens with 15% co2 terps are better. With this being said, I’d like to know what you guys consider to be a true sauce pen. Does it need to be 100% sauce? Around what potency should they be? Did I do the decarb correctly? Am I losing terps during my decarb if the jars are capped tight? We are thinking about doing a 15% distillate 85% sauce pen as our new and improved version. The purpose of adding distillate is to increase viscocity and potency. In ohio we have an AWFUL 70% cap on potency(not really relevent to this thread). If we were to do a 100% sauce pen at 50% thc our sales rep thinks he would have a hard time selling. In a nutshell, what do you consider to be a true sauce pen and how can I improve my process. You guys have been awesome. I owe a few of you guys shout outs for all the help and guidence. Stay grateful (~);- )

if the CO2 comes off, it’s pretty hard to argue it’s not been decarbed…Proper decarboxylation temperatures

see So I made a thing to decarb with.... and Decarb under pressure to retain terps?

as far as “genuine sauce pen”, pretty sure that’s between you and your marketing department.


You’re clearly not using basic logic and reason here.
If you leave the lid on tight how the hell are you going to lose terps?

And a true live resin or “sauce” cart has no distillate.


I wouldn’t be able to pour my “suace” into a cart pure. It’s really “runny” like a liquid if its winterized when extracted.


I have absolutely no trouble making sauce carts

I do know what you’re talking about with how runny it can be though.


Your sauce is that thick after making diamonds?

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Nah I agree it’s a runny bitch. But that’s what yah gotta do!

That’s what makes them better then everyone else’s. Haha


Only way I have gotten it kinda thick is if I dont dewax. Other than that the best thing is to just cut the disty with it.


Why not just lower the temp for filling

It’s the end user that’s the problem. If they leave that cart in the car it ends up leaking then they want a refund.


What carts are you using? Is this the case with most people?

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All gold Ccell with 4 x 2.0.

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Since the straight sauce tends to be more runny why not switch back to 4x 1.2mm holes?


This was my thought too.!I’m not very familiar with carts and can’t speak to what the avd’s I use are.

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Cuz straight sauce carts cost more than sauce+disty


There are some really nice traditional sauce carts making the rounds in the North Bay lately. Pure sauce and tastes just like the flowers but stronger.


The way it should be.

The bottom line is important, but so is making the best possible product. I focus on making fire over cash.


If you’re buying everything I guess. Making it seems like it’d be better to not have to give up even more yield and time taking it to disty. The jar you made sauce in already has everything you need in it. :man_shrugging:


People still smoke carts?


Pure sauce. No sugar

Loaded at room temperature. Sauce done right is runny

Ran warm its thicker. I have to heat these to load. I have those sauce pens too they do just fine.

I just suggest decarbing the sugar then adding the terps back at about 130f

yeah ppl go crazy over my shitty labels