What container to do ethanol wash in?


Upright? Three door restaurant style. But they generally only get to -20, so you’ve got to have filtration dialed in or you’ll get green

That last keg is the “stock” version from synergy brewing. Soda keg QR, diptube, prv and thermowell


I did look up the synergy brew “uni fermenter”…kinda spendy though…does your’s have the 1.5" bottom drain or do you pump it out with CO2?


Ya, I thought u or @soxhlet said something about being able to fit three kegs in an upright freezer…

I bought a -25 chest freezer that has 24.5" of interior height. The 15.5 gallon kegs are about 23.75" tall, so I’m trying to design my kegs so they’ll still fit the chest freezer…which limits stacking things on the bottom of the keg, unless i use this freezer for pre-chilling material and get another one for chilling the kegs.

My plan is to extract at the -25C in the kegs then transfer to a larger vessel in the upright freezer chilled to -70 or -80 then filter…


Build a kreezer out of it it’ll work great


I filtered out of the oem sanke diptube when I started. Worked amazingly well.

I’d considered going back to a diptube right before my -80 died of heat prostration…


Did I mention he’s down the street :wink:

Or was. Now he’s just close by. And supper handy with a tig torch


Thanks bud… I’m not too far away from there …2.5 hrs anyway…will try him.

Any thoughts on these: https://conical-fermenter.com/40-Gallon-Conical-Fermenter.html …maybe put a larger valve on the bottom…

Two will fit in this: https://www.bestvaluevacs.com/so-low-80-c-ultra-low-upright-freezer-30-cubic-ft.html


what’s your design/definition of a “kreezer” ? @Champone


Why do you recommend the bottom valve then ? just more options?


you did see how the cannabis is taken out of the tube?

…using a garden hose through the single opening in the top of an OEM keg.

That needed fixed…

even with a 6" hole in one end and a 10" hole in the other, it is still quite a chore.


These are the best prices I’ve found for new kegs:

https://conical-fermenter.com/One-Half-Barrel-Keg-for-sale.html : $108 !


Why does shipping have cost so much for a big ass stainless drum? Hahaha after shipping to here it’s about 180 otd not bad for a new keg but the 230.00 shipped yeast brink seems more functional and easier to clean at least for being a vacuum vessel for filtering.

I like the 8.5g beer pots for the initial extraction because they fit the 5g bubble bags nicely but my next round where in winterize better will be the true test when I load the beer pot with dry ice


yes they will. very nicely.

@Photon_noir’s implementation…not currently in service, one of many such cat skinning installations.

note: these are smaller than the 1bbl stout fermenters linked above. so don’t take my word that you can fit two of them in the linked freezer. I’ve not looked at the actual dimensions on the linked freezer OR fermenters. That said the stout tanks look like they’ll fit to me, and assuming they do, it’s a great solution.

Edit: looks tight, but doable (so I checked :nerd_face:).

The tanks pictured are 15" diameter. The stout tanks are 18.5". The stout tanks are just short enough to fit in the (linked) freezer, and should tuck side-by-side in the back just as pictured above.

Thanks for finding & sharing that solution @asher!

One should proceed very carefully when drilling a hole in a $12,000 freezer…


Awesome! I had a feeling that was a good set-up to focus on for my needs. Thanks for the feedback… super cool to see how great minds think alike! :wink:


You know i watched You all speak out
But i use square box type bins for My washes
Put them side by side with a u over the edge Where they touch each. Other
That way No etho drips on the Floor and more volume in the freezer
They are only 5 gallons a piece but larger works just as good
300 liter sonic baths same trick a U over the edge and pillowcase with biomass


a true :pirate_flag: doesn’t spill the liquor!!

what are you using the sonic bath for?
you’re not screaming at my girls are you?


I hope you’re at least bathing them first…


I know but once You work in places Where cannabis is cultivated as much as the eye can reach
And the minions are yust weary of working with iT and stuborn like hell
IT s solution s like this that keep the peace😀
And without this solution work went slower and slower for at the end off the day You coulldnt move your feet for they Where stuck in crude all solvent yust disapeard in 35C conditions :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Spool filter question
Methanol for winterization

Chest freezer with 2x4s around the chest frame remount lid on 2x4s


I opted for a chest freezer w a custom built to size tank I got 2 155 gallon tanks for 1300


That’s what the original plan was…to have multiple approx. 15-20 gallon tanks to fit side by side in the chest freezer…smaller size to accommodate lifting/moving…but then I realized it’s only rated to -25C(this freezer), so I began reconfiguring…

Do you pump out of your chest “freesevoir” or ? @Champone