What container to do ethanol wash in?

I have 4x home depot buckets I used to do ethanol washes and dry ice extractions in. All 4 cracked when dry ice extracts. I’m a few weeks away from ethanol washing about 15lbs of material and I dont want the bucket to crack, and have it all end up on the floor.

Below is a link to a 40qt heavy duty alumnium stock pot. I’m sure this can take cryo temps w/o being compromised.

beer keg. fits 15lb (15gal) perfectly.
$25-50 off craigslist in almost any town.

you can cut the top off, or get fancy and have a 4"/6"/8" tri-clamp ferrule welded in instead of the sanke tap.

you might find one already altered (keggle).


add your local craigslist into that query to see only local hits.

eg keggle or keg site:portland.craigslist.org - Google Search

you can extract in them unaltered.
but should probably read up on how to empty them if you want to go that route.


Right up my alley. But those stock pots are ready to go with no mods. And 51.00 is cheap imo.

yep. they’ll work. quite well if you don’t scale past there any time soon.
but keggles with drain valves would be nicer.

used kegs are often available for $25each. kegs with tri-clamp lids are great for all sorts of things. I recommend holes in both ends. for getting the biomass in/out. 8" on the bottom. 6" on the top.


They have mash pots with a valve in the bottom. It’s a threaded (crap, forgot the name of it) type of valve. I’m betting cryo will have an effect 9n a weld or a type of gasket.

I use a 160iu bubble bag for biomass


The stock pots I use are a nightmare pouring out etoh. Definitely get something that can use a drain valve in the bottom. I’m throwing away my cheap pots and going to something I can drain the etoh from


I can deal with the pour. I’m a former chef. 8m used to pouring. A laddel will work greatly, albeit a bit slow.

If you don’t want a more permanent and scalable option like @cyclopath mentioned at least go with a stainless steel pot. Aluminum only has a B rating for use with Ethanol. Aluminum Chemical Compatibility Chart


might want to insulate that bad boy too! youll get more bang for your buck with the dry ice.


Thanks for the heads up on SS vs alumn. I thought the alumn would have been a better option.

And a sleeve should work. Just seen some keg sleeves from soxhlet post earlier.

Its winter here now. My wash area is basically a shed type. Cold as shit.


Quik insulation tip
Make a Round body out of thin plastic or plastic coated karton with duck tape
Place Bucket on karton
Put vaseline on all parts You don t want the consrruction foam to stick to
Spray construction insulation foam in between let dry 24 hours
Cut exess foam of and done


Love the DIY!

Thanks for the tip. I should have left over foam from.when I sprayed my walls

Half 55 gallon drums stainless work well also. Easy to pull in and out and the shape keeps things cold evenly being almost as tall as wide


4” grinder and cutoff wheel. $40 craigslist keg. Took me 30 minutes, including polishing the rough edges with a flapper wheel after cutting.


BIG believer in kegs :shushing_face:

Not a big believer in 10” triclamp on the bottom. (Reasoning elsewhere. Repeatedly).

Which is why this one is upside down.

Getting cannabis out even with a 10” hole was non-trivial. Way easier than unmodified :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

10” MK III lid repurposed for EtOH

@Photon_noir and I have a 25 page Ethanol Extraction White Paper if you wanna know what we think we’ve figured out…


Oh shit! I want to make one of those! Looks like it was tig welded onto the bottom of the keg? Was that to hook up a tri-clamp to drain it from what was originally the top?

It put the cannabis in the keg.
And then pours on the solvent.
It drains the solvent fast as can.
And does it all in freezers.

6” on top. Which was “stock” from my local guy. Synergy brewing. Although I insisted on putting the prv on the keg, not the 6” cap so it could not be assembled sans prv. Which was problematic for the prv when used in this config.

Added a 10” hole in the bottom. Because I had 10” caps. From my terp days. Not a good idea. Just fits on the top. I think. haven’t tried it.

Cannabis still took work to remove. Shaking the keg was not osha approved, nor super effective. But a weapon from above into a collection basket worked well enough.

When done at -80c in a freezer (fits 3) filtration could take forever and still yield golden extract. At -40C you have to stage your filtration correctly or you get undetsirables. At -20, you need a fuge imo.


Just checked out their website. Brilliant idea for a fermenter. Pretty nifty for cannabis tambien. I wonder if a mash-stand type setup would make transferring to a centrifuge easier? Wouldn’t be hard to insulate instead of doing it all in a freezer. Unless you’re just talking about chilling the etoh in the freezer?

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conical fermenter
double jacketed

There should be pumps that will handle that slurry. My next trick is “pillow cases” into a Bock 755 sourced off eBay.

Says right on the label I can over drive it by 10% and our stuff is fluffier, so the VFD upgrade should pay for itself immediately.

Cannot be flooded

Controller I’m replacing appears actual bomb proof. 1/2” thick cast enclosure