What container to do ethanol wash in?




What’s the function of the lid?


What do you need the function to be?

Is multi-tool. That was lying around.

Or perhaps more honestly is was the only non-flat 10” cap I had. So it was the only way I could use that warped 10” flange.

I filtered into it using vacuum. Either raw tincture pre solvent recovery, or formulated in MCT & ready to be dispensed. There are specific features of a MK III that made it quite useful for that task.


I was just curious because of the complexity of the lid. Basically spare parts ?


Hey there @cyclopath , can you give me your opinion on these pre-assembled kegs :



yeah. I buy two today if they were in stock.

what do you need to know?
I prefer a 6" hole on the top. I’ve found the lower port useful. and is also gets in the way.

they are not pre-assembled. all you get it the holey keg.

building the right lids is key.

The only reason I’d buy two today is that these lids would fit…


Well, I was wondering if the 1.5" bottom hole was adequate enough for draining?

They have these: https://www.glaciertanks.com/tri-clamp-fittings-tank-weld-ferrules-14mpw-g600.html , which I imagine can be used to install a top 6" port & bottom, eh? I assumed they can be sunk to whatever depth is desired, too? Do you know?

I haven’t found an 8" ferrule yet…


Can use one of these to assist filling through the 4" hole:



Are you planning to extract in it? Then no, that 1.5” drain will not make you happy.

They are great for moving solvent & tincture around, but unless you’re using mesh bags (which will be hard without chopping the top off), filtering out of them is an acquired skill.

I used to let mine drip dry for several days


Yes, for extraction vessels. Thanks for your advice!

So, it’s in my best interest to build my own that have at least a 6" bottom drain?


I found that staged 6" filters allowed me to get the solvent off quickly most of the time.

correct staging & filter surface area are key components. trying to filter in a single step will usually fail.

extracting in a -80 freezer meant that getting it wrong wasn’t a show stopper. if it wasn’t done in 30 min, it was often done overnight. if it wasn’t done in the morning, then the filter stack was dissected for data or just rebuilt and tried again.

I’m now using a combination of sock filters and lenticular filters staged to get down to 0.5micron on the way into the evaporator. No stuck filtrations now.

yeah. if I was to build those again I’d try 10" triclamp on the top & 8" on the bottom.

I chose 6" & 10" because I had mkIII terps in both those sizes, so I had a parts inventory to work with…and the guy down the road was already putting the 6" hole in the top.


Do you connect a valve to the 8" bottom port then?


yes. eventually. a first pass screen (20 mesh?) and a bowl reducer down to 1.5" or 1" first makes the most sense. you could also build the entire filter stack on the bottom of the keg. and have the valve afterwards.

the most effective filter stacks I built all used pre-rolled joints(!) as the first step…

6" will be cheaper. and almost as effective.


The same yeast brinks can be found online for 230.00 shipped.

I personally have been using 8.5 gallon brew pots with 5 gallon bucket bubble bags


glacier is out, and has been for some time. as is ABS, which is the cheapest I’ve seen them outside of alibaba


there are better tools for the job. and cheaper tools.
@square_root_pharms stainless brew pots for instance.
which can be simulated with a sawzall and a $25 used keg.
paying $300+ for a fancy bucket only makes sense once you’ve got the your evaporation and filtering dialled imo.


Do you mean with these?:
Going into one of these?: https://www.bestvaluevacs.com/hemispherical-endcap-with-1-5-side-port.html


yes on the filter plates. and no on the endcap.

but that endcap looks like a better solution than the one in my head.


I think everyone up here in Maine caught onto used kegs because they go for 100 bucks lol. I managed to score 8.5g brew pots on eBay slightly used for 60 shipped! Sometimes I gotta get what I can get. Back in houston we could score used kegs for almost nothing!


Can you also tell me which size upright freezer can hold three kegs?


And when you say, building it on the bottom, do you mean, the very bottom, or the bottom side?