What container to do ethanol wash in?


1/4 inside a 1/2 for jacket. 1.5" TC for bottom drain. 5 gal mesh bags. Kept my tincture at a steady -35-40c. With better insulation, I’m sure it can get colder.



I let the freezer get it to the lowest temp possible then I get it colder in wash size batches from there

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Yeah, very versatile spare parts…

Or lab art.

…filtering cbd in ethanol looks to be today’s task…



What on Gods green earth is that?

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This is what I use. Piped into two drop down filters. And then into a 5 glass carboy. I extract at -80c with no problems.




A filter stack on a keg.

Using the “multi-tool” that was once a MkIII Terp top that you enquired about earlier.

Not my assemblage.



do you worry about kicking the bucket?

-80 is a hair colder than most 3rd party engineers would sign off on for HDPE.

No experience with LLDPE which is what that bucket claims to be…had to look it up…still not sure how it handles cold.

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Are you filtering up through that by putting pressure into the tank?



Nice I like it. I have 3 in lines as of now



I really like this idea. I assume your using a ULT freezer. How does it stay between -80c - 70c with being open while filtering ? Or do you close the freezer while it is filtering ? When our ULT freezer door is open it gets hot quickly. Love this idea and thanks for any info !!



Most of the filter is outside the freezer, and the doors should be closed. The upright was a -20C, and all I had available at the time. Worked great when the filter didn’t clog. Which it didn’t with stainless scrubbies in the freezer as the first cut. But getting those clean wasn’t a task I managed to delegate. so I got a better freezer.

One very carefully puts holes in the freezer.

Or makes holes in the doors, which don’t have coils, and only sometimes have electrickery in them.



The bucket that I use works great. I’ve used it for about a year straight. I use bubble bags for my biomass. I built a push cart that I plumed 3/4 pipe so when cold extracting the “slush” it flows into 2 step down filters and into a 5gallon glass carboy. Then with my bags that are still saturated with ethanol I put into a panda spinner and retrieve the rest of my ethanol. Much cheaper then other systems out there.



It handles cold pretty well. Doesn’t crack or anything like that. It was a much cheaper alternative for me then other systems prebuilt.

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Not me using it. @AK0YEH
Same parts and concept.
Different space time co-ordinates.

It works under +/- pressure.
15psi PRV, so usually vac.

Was set up for vac in this case

Edit: because I insisted the prv be directly on the keg, it faces the floor in this implementation.

Bug? Feature? Probably…



I’m playing with hdpe at -70 tomorrow.

Will try kicking bucket.



Depending on what we are filtering and through what medium dictates whether we use vacuum or nitrogen to push. Works great for both.



turns out there is data on this bucket kicking stuff…

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make sure to film this scientific experiment! lol



yeah, I chickened out on taking my steelcaps to a 55gal HDPE drum with tincture at -50…(interwebs suggest I could have gotten away with that…)

I also wasn’t able to achieve -70C on my tincture that day…cheaped out on dryice.

given the null hypothesis that it would drop >$20k worth of cannabinoids on the floor, I decided to try something with less financial risk :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ll get back with data when I have it.



lol ya i dont think i would test out the strength of a zubzero hdpe bucket filled with tincture. hell i wouldnt even test it filled with ethanol, 55g of 190 proof isnt cheap either