What are you guys doing with your Terrible or not so great CDTs

Is there any real use to keeping terps that are funky and will not taste great in an inhalable product?

Maybe ideal for a topical but not sure I’d want to put that funk on myself.

I know some will probably mention recrystallizing in the Terpenes. I already have a method that works pretty great at recrystallizing so I am not terribly interested in going that route.

Anyways thanks for any and all tips

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Not sure exactly which Terps you’re talking about sometimes people refer to what we pull off the Distilation process when making Distillate Terps that black, funky, thick tar, but I have no idea what you would do with that

The terps that were either steam, or some other way extracted I have some good methods for pulling out all the higher brighter more volatile compounds you can use temperature and vacuum with a spinning band to lift out, the lighter more volatile compounds away from the heavier funkier compounds these typically will be light, bright and water clear Terps that are excellent delicate complex profiles

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I nailed a method to recoup some level of good terps from shitty smelling ones. I’d love to find a partner to explore the method with, it’s pretty simple and requires low investment in terms of equipment comparatively.

And yes, it will work on distillate terps.

It seems to be a great method to separate mono/sesquiterpenes from eachother as a side bonus.

I’d love to share the tek but honestly I’m tired of giving spoons to people and I end up starving lol.

Vapor state extraction is a great example of tech I invented and trialed, to have the company I worked with fuck me on the patent filings and then I see it show up in the USA a couple years later. Cannacraft, Cali was where the first pilot ran. I have paperwork to prove my claims as well as witnesses.

Anyways, yeah, I’d love to work with someone on the terp recovery tech, who isn’t a piece of shit.

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depending on the type and quality of the terps. but adding them to sugar is prob the best solution.

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Yeah I’d add to THCA isolate and or refine them in a spd7

Or wholesale them as Grade B terps and only use your grade A for vapes etc

…not spraying them under the hoods of my enemies 1998 Civic…

Nope, def not that, nor shall they ever be used for that purpose again next week.

Complaints have ranged from one week to the next, starting off as “fishy”, then “musty”, to “skunk” and “darkness”.



Probably the most helpful way to not get rid of these terps :wink:

Yeah these are indeed the green wipes film terpenes. And honestly is just depends on the material and where CRC has been used that determines whether the terpenes are actually good or not.

I’ve gotten some straight gas off of WFE when it comes to Terpenes.

I’m going to try to use the excess terpenes as an cosolvent in a crystallization experiment.

Other than that I can try to clean them up via water/terpene mixture in a Roto and use a sep funnel to separate the two later… but aren’t I really just getting purified poo?

I just feel there has to be a use for these other than going to waste.

Just tell me what you’ll let em go for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Bruh if you’re in Wa I will give them to you 10 cents a ml lmao

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After mjbiz I’m sure it can be figured out. How many available

I have about 40 liters of WFE 1st cut Terp Strip currently.

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I have a machine I use, a small one that converts all my pour off, slurry, and dark or tainted terps sauces into crystal clear cdts. They test at 99.9% purity and and I can remove generally 99+ percent of what’s available.

Lately everybody around Vancouver I know has been brining me multiple jars or gallons of sauces. I convert them and get paid per ml of terps. Great little tool. I’ve tested the flowers prior and the cdts after and they are near mirror and you really can’t tell at all. It comes off as genuine as the plant smelled.

Sure thing “Conner” :man_facepalming:

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Hey you leave “Connor” alone… He’s onto something, I can smell it :wink:

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