Wax or crystal precipitation?

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Use your words as well…

The picture is critical, but so is an actual description of what we are looking at and what sort of assistance you’re looking for.

“Wax or crystal?”

Guessing you mean “wax or thca?”.

We can tell the jar is cold, but how cold?

Are you trying to crash thca?
Did you dewax?

What solvent are we looking at?
(Ok second pic makes that obvious :wink: )


Im trying to dewax in a regular freezer but this particular jar made some litle perfect round ball, just like Styrofoam. I was wondering if those was wax or thca

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What kind of solution is in the jar? You said you’re trying to dewax is there ethanol in jar?
If it is just bho with residual solvent you could of cold crashed thca out. Like Only the strong tek. We need more info to help

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those dreaded weird balls :frowning: I’ve never seen. could this be a spray used on the plant


Hahaha if he’s doing only the strong tek it is normal after crashing in the freezer

what’s normal?

those weird balls

never seen them and preformed the strong tek over the past 3 yrs so many times it’s not even funny

I believe we call those mystery balls around here
@Soxhlet @cyclopath care to chime in

wait one guy had those using like heptane w denatured alcohol back long time ago I think

those balls stuck to the side look nothing like the white globes when they form. and hardly anyone gets the round balls from cold crash

anyone care to correct me bc I’ve been wrong before

favors this ,but this was disty possibly d10 I dont remember

but shit who am I…I’m no body compared to the plenty here. performed plenty cold crashes maybe I’m doing it wrong?

No seriously.

In order to help, we need to know exactly what you did to get here.

We can guess that you poured (partially recovered?) butane extract into mason jars and then put them at -20C to “dewax” them.

That would suggest you then filter, by pouring from the jar?!?

That is not a technique I would recommend…for a number of reasons. the primary being inherent dangers involved placing jars of butane in a “standard” freezer and/or pouring through an open filter. I am of course only guessing at what you’re doing, because you haven’t been explicit enough with your process. Aka: wtf is in the jar?


I swear we should put a banner up here that implores people to explain in graphic and excruciating detail their procedures when trying to get solutions. Either that or maybe we can make up a worksheet with every possible detail. We can give out a prize for members who get the solutions right in the first try most. It’ll be like click and clack on NPR


I’m going with crystal. That’s definitely not a wax jar.


Yes this is what I did, I poured from a jar to an other to left the wax behind and once back in the freezer those glump start to appear.

Sorry for my English, im a frenchie trying my best to explain ! I did my extract with solvent at room temp strait into the material column, than I ran it through my crc. I recovered most of my solvent and then poor into a masson jar. Left it in the freezer for 3 days. After being filtered, some in a Buckner funnel and some from a jar to an other jar, then back in the freezer at -24°C. After 2 days those round shaped bead start to appear. Now they are getting bigger and bigger.

-20C is not much of a dewax.

Dewaxing is traditionally done by stalling in a secondary vessel at -60C or lower (sleeved column with dry-ice slurry) without reducing solvent.

CRC is best performed after a dewax, or with mag-sil as the first layer to perform the trick inline.

Open pours are hard to control the evaporation on, especially if you actually try and filter in an open container. If your solvent ratio varies on every pour (my expectation), then your current dewax will yield varying results…eventually you’ll crash out your target rather that the waxes

I would guess those are your target (thca), but I don’t cold crash and have not seen that particular morphology.

Usually folks jarring and freezing are deliberately trying to crash thca.

See OTSS tek: Search results for 'otss' - Future4200

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What would be the purpose of crashing thca ? I usually don’t do this tech. I usually extract with -60°c 70/30 poor direct in pyrex once most of my solvent is recovered without dewaxing then seal in the oven for a week and the result is good

Making THCA isolate. Which you are also doing by the sound of it.

See: Post Your THCA Pics/Vids - #558 by Dred_pirate

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Here is a run we finished last week. These formed within 3 days. Hard and waxy. Crystallized? Dunno.
This was a cbd run.

This is absolutely CBD. its crystallizes on its own if its above 60-70%


Thank you. Was just doing a show and tell.

So when CBD crystallizes in this manner I’m assuming it doesn’t have a normal crystalline texture (hard/crunchy)? We had this same issue recently and the balls are gummy like in texture but looks exactly like this.