Weird white balls forming in distillate.


I stumbled across an old jar of distillate at work and it has weird white balls forming in it. It’s 54%thc potency, 84% total cannabinoids. It looks like mold or bacteria of some sort but I cant see something like that growing in this kind of condition. Does anyone have input or experience with this?


What’s the other 30%? CBD?


kinda looks like cbd honestly


I believe so. That’s also what I thought it could be, but I’ve never seen CBD form like that before.


How many times have you seen distillate nucleate? I’ve seen a handful of cases, always looks like shards, needles, or blooms (what you have going on,) kinda funny because I’ve never seen multiple types of nucleation in the same batch. Only one or the other.


I’ve seen crystals form in this shape dozens of times. Never in an oil with this low of a CBD ratio though!


Wasn’t it here that someone had a cool jar full of blooms like this but it was all these different shades?

I have definitely seen pictures of blooms like this before. I’m almost positive it was here. But my brain is shit like my teenager constantly like to remind me.


It looks just like the alleged delta-10-THC that @_honestextracts (Instagram) accidentally made. Outdoor material? There is a lot of talk about fire retardant chemicals causing this.


That’s not CBD. Left at room temp or refrigerated? 84% total cannabinoid based on what test report? I bet hambread is right. What everyone is calling d10, but not confirmed yet.

Oh how I wish it was microbacterial. If you want to try something, get a sample of new distillate and transfer one of the balls on to it, let it sit a long time If it grows of new distillate, you might really have something there.


Pretty sure that slew of fire retardant contaminated material was pretty recent.

So, probably not that.

Kinda silly for you to make that claim based off of some pictures, regardless of what you’ve experienced. As I mentioned, I’ve seen distillate crash CBD in this fashion multiple times, despite that fact I still wouldn’t claim that it is or is not CBD.


CBD crystalizing at best, less than 30% concentration? No, not going to happen with 50% THC in there.


So then, whatever it is can precipitate at less than 20%?

Also, gauging the volume of the oleoresin in comparison to the precipitate, that looks like at least 25% of the total volume, probably more.


My only hypothesis is maybe it was mixed very little during transfer from the recover to the storage flask. Could be 10a layer drop on last (the balls are on the bottom of storage container) 10a tends to come over late in the run so it would be on top of the reciever flask, and bottom of storage container.

The drops like nature make me think it is from the transfer, if it is truly crystallization.

But like I said I wish it was not crystal and was microbacterial, that would make the most sense. Round crystals with that cannabinoid blend are hard to explain.


I have sent a sample out for testing and awaiting the test results. I will post an update when I get them back.


This is one of the many situations where having a microscope in the lab could really come in handy.

Also, just wanted to ask, CBD is heavier than THC, no? So given enough time, couldn’t it be possible that the CBD is moving toward the bottom and increasing in concentration enough to start crystallizing?


Looks like crystalline