Washing THC-a with hydrocarbon to isolate the crystalline

What is the general consensus on washing THC-a crystalline sourced from sauce jars? Been a little while since I’ve made sauce in mass.

Are people still washing the crystalline with cold pentane, to remove the yellow terpene/sauce color, and sticking it on a pyrex dish (after crushing/pulverizing it) to purge on in a vac oven?

Is that how most are making isolate now/still?

Thx! :v:t5::call_me_hand:t5:


I’m curious, when u say isolate… Do you mean just washed large crystals?

I’ll license you my tech for the right price :wink:

I think the cool kids are using centrifuges to spin off the sauce, perhaps followed by a quick spritz with cold solvent… but that might just be wishful thinking :wink:

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https://www.fishersci.com/shop/products/costar-centrifugal-devices-spin-x-6/p-108067 Imagine a scaled up verson of this with a fine mesh filter.


I’ve suggested those before, but even the biggest available seem too small to me.

I was thinking more like a Panda and some institutional size coffee filters :slight_smile:

Or that 500g basket 'fuge from India…

It is one of the things I figured I’d do with the ACE-15’s once everyone has out-grown them… :wink: