Washing dirty diamonds


I have a couple jars of doodoo diamonds that I had/have sitting around my lab. I am wanting to wash them clean and use them for various purposes; starter diamonds, season them with previous terpene separations, distill for amusement, whatever. I know I need to, or can use a cold hexane or pentane to wash them through a Buchner. What filter should I use, what should I do to purge them after, should I suspend them in the pentane or hexane to grow them again (what’s that process like) and larger?


I’ve had success rinsing crystals with super chilled (at least -55C) pentane. Seems maybe THC is quite a bit more soluble in hexane than pentane. Just used a bucnher funnel and a lab filter. A successful first wash will generally yield a potency in excess of 97% THC-a.


20-25 micron or smaller, you think?


I also have a - 80 freezer for keeping things frigid


Yessir, these in particular are the brand I generally use. -60 to -65C is where I try to keep the Pentane, also make sure you pre chill your buchner funnel.



Nice, I will give it a whirl.


If you want to perform a recrystalization I’d reccomend super saturation in hexane.


That’s where I’m unsure of what to do. Haven’t had much experience with it, so I’m drawing a blank on the next step after washing with the pentane. I “assume”, as long as the pentane is gone. Dilute into the hexane and then :thinking::thinking:


If I don’t have access or $ to things like Pentane or heptane… would a recrystallization in butane suffice, using the OTSS tek?

Thanks buddy


Doesn’t that leave a rotten smell in there


A rotten smell where, I’m confused

Your not using solvents w odorants are you

They shouldn’t smell like anything if your talking at butane

Also if ur just washing terps off why not use etoh( everclear 190) It’s much easier to remove and a lil safer IMO… they do sell it to drink…but not the others…


I’ve never experienced this smell making diamonds regularly. But, the second of the two jars is tail endings that I would just squirt in there and after a while I just left them. They also have a rotten smell coming along. “I’ve heard” when reconstituting butane or similar hydrocarbon it can smell rotten. I first experienced it when I went to a sesh here in az and nearly everyone’s “diamonds” smelled rotten. I asked a friend whom is much smarter than I and he said something along those lines. I don’t know all of what’s behind it, but that’s my experience. I do know this, when I make them regularly, they smell delectable.


I use American, oderless Iso-butane


And ur reconstituted stones smell rotten?

Sounds like some kinda containment to me

@Soxhlet id love to hear ur opinion on the topic…i value it highly! I can’t imagine if I took my fast wash etoh stones , then went through the OTSS tek using distilled solvent, would I experience this…??? Thanks buddy


Your dimonds shouldn’t smell from hydrocarbons unless they were oderized. You sure it’s not the strain of weed? I processed some of the meat breath/ and garlic strains. They smell pretty gross when concentrated. Etoh works in a pinch to wash crystals, but everything needs to be cold and you have to move fast.like ice cubes in hot water! Pentane is a better choice, although harder to get than etoh. Wash cold and fast, when I crush my crystals to wash a .5 inch stainless steel ball bearing is swirled around the bottom of the jar to crush (be careful here… steel on glass) then solvent is added , swirled one more good time then poured into a Bucher funnel already under vaccum. Don’t forget to save your filtrate, you can re x it.


I have never done this as I said. The one jar smells rotten. Other one hasn’t been opened. I have only heard and I keep emphasizing that, it is just what I’ve heard. Regularly they smell as they should. The rotten smell comes from adding more hydrocarbon when you shouldn’t. Something along those lines. Mine smell delectable, so I can only talk about what others are like not my own. But, I would love someone to chime in and inform me of what/why this is happening. I actually have smelled this more than once. Actually everyone I know that has a doodoo diamonds jar that they squirt tail endings of their runs in, smells rotten. If you are regularly using etoh, this probably isn’t something that you are used to.


Again, my solvent is non oderized, American, instrument grade and distilled before use. I think it’s just something that happens when you add more when you shouldn’t.


Huh, you shouldn’t be able to smell the unoderized gas, although some swear they do.
The gas doesn’t smell rotten to me in the first place, so I’m not sure where the smell would actually came from. It would have to either be the material or the solvent. If I was a betting man I would place my money on terp profile.


After you said it, it would make sense. Just a bunch of tail ending junk mixing together and making its own dodoo profile. I can smell hydrocarbons when vented strongly. Not a sulfur or odor smell. Just a gas vapor smell that I can tell something is in the air. Chemo also raped my senses and they are more sensitive after.


The other person I saw that had a nasty jar does use cheap imported xtane and thinks it’s American. That could be it, on their part