Washing dirty diamonds


It could be the mystery oils and lubricants associated with cans or not distilling the hydrocarbons before use. A client of mine told me that the last operation who processed for them returned a product with a “burnt condom taste” when smoked and made grey/black smoke. I laughed and asked him, “how do you know what a burned condom tastes like?”


One might think you need to be there to control temp for anyone with a bad opinion first off…

Some strains/budder or wax has to be Dabbed much cooler to get over the weird flavors!!!

To hot to hot to hot!


This was in a puffco peak, all the temp settings made nasty smoke, as well as on an e-nail.

If I had to guess about the origins of the burned smell they would be some sort of degrading gasket material, or some nasty solvent with oily residue .


I’ve smelt rotten extracts before using my same exact method of extraction. If the grower is using a sulfur burner in their rooms this can be a possibility. The concentration of sulfur In concentrates gives of a nasty rotten smell and it’s the only time I’ve seen this problem from my extracts.


Do you have a ratio for super saturation? About how many grams of thca to hexane? Have you tried using liquid butane to wash diamonds? If you had pentane, hexane and butane what would you use to wash and recrystallize? @Soxhlet if you have an opinion as well I’d appreciate it.


It’s like cooking a batch of pancakes, just visually examine the thickness of the solution. Should look like honey


-80 pentane to clean up and wash through the Bucher. Using butane to wash in a Bucher wouldn’t be a good idea.


How did this go for u


Haven’t gotten the pentane yet. I was even staring at the jars today


I have simalar looking jars sauce only strainer the diamond but its all turning sugary obviously still alot thca dont know wat to do with it


I say wash them and grow them again and see what happens. Wash them with the cold pentane. Dilute with whatever you want. Butane again if you are comfortable with working with that. I am, I haven’t made thc diamonds in pentane yet. And get it to crash out again.


Can u give some detail on the pentane wash?


Bucher with coffee filter. Set dirty diamonds in coffee filter. (prior have Bucher in freezer too) pour cold pentane over doodoo diamonds and smoosh around to muddle and turn on pump before gets too warm. Follow with more cold pentane. Recrystallize and continue till clean


So after I put pentane over the doodoo I take the solution in funnel then put in jar thy he cold crash again then put in oven of am i using g what’s in The coffee filter and put back in oven or how am I recrygalizing from the poin thg after I pour the pentane over it


What’s left in the coffee filter you can clean up more or not. But I would definitely crash out the mother oil


U can use dry ice cold ever clear if pentane hard to obtain…

The crystals will be in the top the bucnher on top ur fast filter paper…

And like dred said yes ur liquid that passes through will have melted crystals and terps in it, u can reconstitute that …

I feel this process is much easier if you remove as much of the terps as possible before attempting…I even dry off the terps before and after … Comes out clean after 2nd pass


Nice I’m going to try were best place to order buchner Bern wanting one for a while


Be careful w Chinese buchner funnels
… When using filter paper they aren’t perfect smooth and will not seat on it… Takes some extra effort and sanding to get right…

I think If I could go back I would buy a lil better one


@Dred_pirate did you end up washing and using for seeding?


I haven’t gotten around to getting pentane, yet. Unfortunately