very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


Here’s my version of what his new no fake terp full extract cart are! Single pass!


he uses #presugar in a bunch of pics he only runs live from what I can tell, but he has those 2 posts about being able to make anyone’s product clear and using 2yr old trim, but it could have been in the freezer for 2 years


And it cut my video so short…lol


He has that pic of clear terps I’d be interested in knowing how he made


Wouldn’t u be able to make any slab sugar if u agitate a bit? Even 2yr old material made clear… and when nucleation happens the Terps seperate as it sugars making the Terps become more concentrated thus causing it to gas off and smell like live?


Especially if u add Terps to your solution right before starting recovery, it will sugar on it’s own as if it was live and give off a strong smell


The death to carts vid? That’s live resin so…that’s why that one so light. I mY have missed the pic you are referring to.


He doesn’t add terps, but yes nucleation happens generally when terps reach over 5%…


It’s like the 5th pic on his page rn
I think the sugaring is related to terps, possibly over purge which can cause them to seperate


If it’s pure why would it not sugar?..



Well if I remember right, they are farm to spool…so that makes sense why they just run live! But still doesn’t explain the 2 year old material that came out clear. So I’m confused their tactics!


Yea my first/last live run came out clear with no special anything so I’m curious as to if they are just withholding a little info and making it seem like they are cool


Does your stuff sugar/wax up or stay stable?


He’ll block you before you can question him. As far as ogtampon


I’d say maybe some moonshine tech on extracting essential oil like how conventional oils are more watery…I bet he used his hash water that he was complaining about where his terps went!


Sugaring also spreads. If you cut it out before it gets too far, you can potentially save the slab. Lower temps and flipping less can help


I trolled him on his rso post, I know a farm here in Eugene that’s bread and butter is rso! So I said, “anyone Tag Sean at genisis yet?!” Will see how it goes! :joy:


Haha. He deleted my comments and blocked me when I trolled him


I saw he said… “we don’t talk tek here” :joy: what a d canoe :canoe: