very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


Probably because he two minute slow strokes himself.


Well he is in Corvallis, land of the losing beavers! :joy: (U of O graduate and Eugene guy in me can’t like a beaver)




yaa, -12 today. last day of being really cold. no working outside today


Each strain is different. Have made both


Cool thanks, so stability is possible though?
I’ve noticed my gg#4 shatter has sugared pretty much everytime I’ve made it, so it just goes to diamonds or crumble now…


This slab was glass stable with the new tech. It is very possible


This run was also more clear and all stable.


Alright yall are still awesome you deserve a little bragging rights :clap:


Have you noticed a correlation between the muffin size and how stable it ends up…I’ve noticed the more stable the bigger the muff!


Fat content. And Yea that does have a role to play. If you slowly pull vac and lower temp you can prevent it from pulling a huge muffin


I don’t mind a big muff! :joy: if I got room! Just seemed to always notice a connection between the two. Like if it don’t muff! I know I’m gonna hate life at flip! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


yep, if it flattens fast


So basically, if u didn’t vac purge and just Jarred the oil or sealed in pan…

IT WOULD SUGAR EVERYTIME if blasted cold enough and, the kicker ,if not naturally decarbed by time

Sounds like y’all making sugar by accident?


I’ve found if I toss a extra shelf in the freezer then set the slab on it and wait 20 secs then flip…no one like ripping parchment paper flipping! Haha damn you sticky terps!


There’s an art in flipping slabs. Also, one of the reasons it’s supposed to cool in the lab area. Big muffins also rip out terps.


Sugaring is i feel connected to terp content! Less terps less sugaring!


And fats present.


You ever blasted dry ice cold and just let the oil set In jar? Or seal pan… After the solvent evaps

If blasted cold and not to old I’d bet my pexker on it

And yes u dont blast cold and get fats follow same tek it’ll budder sugar, but more budder

I only say this bc this is how I run EVERY TIME


Fat sugaring seems to happen pretty quick and is more buddery…or am I tripping?