very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!




I get what you mean. Not knowing there’s a difference between dampening and dampening. But this case it’s two different words that are spelled the same


Only reason I caught it was cuz I remember someone replied saying ab/adsorbant, so yesterday that link I posted was using absorbent on the google, because I’ve only searched using adsorbant


I know my eyes just wasn’t catching it…but I definitely did before pointing it out!!!

Show me the money!!!damn wrong thread on that part!


Adsorbents is what I meant! Ad! Sorry bout any confusion


However, now for those who didnt know the difference between ad and ab, now u know, they are totally different


Ah, I was trying to get any clue I could find so I was scavenging through your posts analyzing every detail :face_with_monocle:


Thanks for catching that could’ve led ppl down the wrong path


No problem, yeah it’s a deep dark bottomless pit once you start looking into all the powders and Clay’s they all seem like they might work but one could end up spending a fortune if you tried them all


I feel like the celite just keeps everything else from ending up in the collection tank…


I had t-41 staged against a 5 micron frit, T-41 has activated carbon fines in it. If anything was going to slip past that was it, seems like celite isn’t nessesarry.


I agree… didn’t seem to do a whole lot on my end either… I was hoping to hear good things about the t-5 and t-41…


More good things to be said abiut silica 60!


I still think the clay did a good job, too


true dat!


Wrong one again fuck


i believe dilution ratio plays an important part.


combined postes have exceeded strong sauce tec


I have also been studying fining agents. Fish-scales sound kinda cool.


That og cannabis guy does have a asshole rep here in Oregon! My buddy who owns a Rec farm knows him and yes he’s a tampon! :joy: I was reading his Instagram comments and it seemed he said his clear sugars in 24 hours or so…it was on the same photo that was shared on here from his gram…but maybe that was just that batch! I actually sent that dood resume a little over a year ago when they were new.