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Blast cold no soak, filter plates to stage down,celite next…

After total separate column with carbon in it and valve under…like dewax 2nd stage but not… Let fill the carbon column and let settle, that’s the scrub? It’d have to be the size of real 2nd stage to hold all the solvent

Maybe after this one more celite and maybe t5 plate …

How crazy does this sound for all Inline.

Don’t crucify me I’m just brainstorming


It dont have to be all inline. It can be done safely in chambers rack mounted if desired. Lets dial in the process. then we can figure out how to make it safer.

I absolutely love what @Waxplug1 has done here. He’s like jangling the prize in front of us like its a game. At first, i really wasnt intrigued and almost was gonna let you all figure this one out without me. But you certainly grabbed my attention and im in. I have more than enough equipment here to play the game. I love this puzzle and thanks. I needed something else to rack my brain around. I think the 8 or so people working on this will figure this out real fast as we all state what works and doesnt. I know @Dred_pirate taken a stab and it didnt work. We will have failures together, but im sure this dont take years nor months.

Luckily all the shit material and fuck up can go right in my distillation pile. I dont care how many $75lb of trim i fuck up to get this. Sometimes its not fun to poke the bear! LOL


No carbon. This recipe isn’t carbon based. Celite is to catch all the particles and what’s been “absorbed”. I believe I know what is being used. I’m waiting to hear back from my guy who owns a vineyard in napa to give me an explanation of the compounds, but he just took off to France.

Carbon loves thca. I am ruling carbon out.

And I have materials being shipped for my next trial.


that is similar to what i was going to try


Waxplug has ruled carbon out for us a while back, he posted an orangey slab photo saying “back in my carbon days” the goal is transparent with no color, thus meaning we need to mix in an adsorbant possibly let it settle, (however his open buchner kinda tells me it’s a fast proces) then filter through celite, the adsorbants list is posted above in the fining agent link I posted… if we all stay on the same page we can prevent more orange slabs…
Try pvp or pvpp, gelatine, bentonite which doesnt adsorb as much color and prevents overfining, I kinda think we are going for an over fined product, so try gelatin? Anyone wanna try egg whites? I dont think its icingglass…


Post 114 very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!
Then post 122 is his photo
very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


Arabic gum.

Remember when he said it comes from a plant? If I’m correct, he also does it after dewaxing, then he “scrubs”. Said it works better if you let it sit for little bit and cold. Pvpp is mentioned to do this, and this is also where you would use the gum. It would attract/coagulate/absorb what we are wanting to be “fining”, that’s when you filter through celite to grab all particulates.

I believe this is somewhat close. I hope. I’m waiting to look into this theory


I asked this and a couple other leading questions and got the reply of divergen and Arabic Gum.


I can get that at my local market, I however dont have celite or anything else at the moment, good work team I hope you’re right! I’ve just been re reading his helpful tips to see if I missed something, i had missed the it’s from a plant part.


Not sure if it plays a role, that’s why I want to ask more details, but I think it might have something to do with it


I’ll look into it more for sure, it does say in the link you posted that it helps maintain color, didnt see anything about stripping it,


This site is a gold mine, perhaps ac is not the trick but maybe the product they sell called carbosil, they have tons of finning agents and a good explanation of use, granted it’s in alcohol, we are using butane so the reaction might be different, because wax plug did state it doesnt work the same in ETHANOL vs butane


The carbosil is hydrated, I dont think it would play nice with the butane.


What I meant by the plant thing is wine not the adsorbent…making wine is like making oil


Ah, so is it pvp, or pvpp?
I read on a beer making site that they make pvpp discs for filtration…
Or silica gel like hydrogel or aerogel?
All of the above?


I was thinking along the lines of silica gel and maybe re runs it like chromatography but using butane as the liquid phase.

This is about plant oils and adsorbants


We have been making an iline filter for this. yesterday I tryed silica gel 60, t5 clay and mag sil.
Best result was with the t5 clay. Made a brown extract from trim into a really piss yellow slab.
I only saw colors in the t5 layer in the filter.
Pressure swings will really screw up a filter bed, you need to be very mindfull how you run your system.


That is S w e e t now all we need to see is a butane solution through this method :open_mouth:


I was going to start with t5 as well. I really want to try the PVPP that @Dred_pirate suggested threw DM. Glad you decided to join the party Cannawiki(@soxhlet) figured you had all the steel needed as well.