very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


This is about the path im taking for my extractor today or tomorrow. Im gonna use a jacketed 6" spool instead of that 12" like show


Yea I was thinking of trying it in my dewaxer honestly, let us know how she goes!


If you had one like that, just put a normal spool on it and a lid, now it’s sealed and you can inject


I want as wide of surface area is i can get. If i had a wider one; i would even go wider. We are trying to mimic a normal buchner funnel. While you do see narrow/tall buchner funnels. I think we want short and wide one to allow us to get the solvent threw the powdered pretty quickly after its agitated.

so this is what im thinking. Im gonna use my little 1/4lb extractor with 2 different dewaxers on there. The first is empty which i will stall and really dewax the piss out of it. Maybe like 3 hours instead of my 2 hour dewax. Then ill drop that into another dewaxer with a number of filter plates with what ever filtering aids im gonna use.

here is another thing i probably plan to do. Im going to actually pre-make all the filter cakes with BUTANE. I will run the extractor empty the day before just to set the cakes up with the actual solvent. I thought about this and if you made enough cakes the day before…you can just use them threw out the day. I really want this to be a single solvent process. I dont want to go all using some sort of co-solvent which makes purging any different. I dont want to use ethanol or water even though they seem like viable options.

I will run a super heavy propane mix. I think the one time ive made clear shatter from mature material. It was like 60/40 butane/propane. Im thinking of lowering that to 50/50.

I might have to put this on hold till next weekend because i dont think i have any slow 160mm qualitative filter paper. Id really like to order the filter suggestion @Dred_pirate made. I think im really gonna think this out during the week rather just swing in.


This is clear as I need it to be… single pass cls with 2 hr dewax using acetone aand dryice


Wish yalled hurry up so I could make me some clear live sauce and diamonds w clear terps!!!

I’m sitting here thinking clear shatter WHOoOooo?


I have ordered my first test substances and will report with my findings


Perhaps some are doing nothing special and its strain dependant


Nah. They can replicate it with multiple strains. And I bet as you keep putting that in the oven and pulling vac, then flipping. That’ll get a little darker as it tightens up. But that does look impeccable


It actually got lighter since yesterday, but I do agree, I’m gonna keep doing what I can, gonna add another filter plate staging down to possibly 5um
Oven is set to 85


2 hour dewax using acetone dry ice this is my top filter with 16um quantitative paper…


For shatter you won’t have to filter down to 1 micron. Leave a tiny bit of fats for stability. But the better you filter the better it will be. Especially after dewaxing, the finer particles make it past that 5 micron. I want to add another filter to my mix. 25/5/1. Currently I’m at 20-25/1-3


So you do one coffee filter essentially then a 1-3um?


I think coffee filters are not as fine as a 25 micron paper filter. I can be wrong as I seen that thrown around an awful lot. I just see a big difference in filtering capabilities with a real 25 micron quantitative filter paper than coffee filters


Interesting, I cant argue I only have 16um and 8um papers right now, I added the extra plate and staged 3x coffee filters on the first stack, then down to 16um (x2) on the second then 8um (x2) on the third for next run, not sure what difference it will make but I decided its probably not gonna hurt anything…


doing screens at 50, 25,5, 5, 2. i was running 2.5 papers. plus im running at -90 to -103. material and tane


nvr tried de, charcol or bleach. never liked to do post processing. i am new to this site and love the sharing and wealth of knowledge everyone has here. thank you and i cant wait to try some of these ideas you guys are coming up with. hopefully i can achieve good results without any post processing.


Yeah they claim to be 20micron…but hold that up beside a 20-25 micron paper and it’s way different!

Looks like to me… Coffee filters are thin


Pro tip of the day:

Removing fats first…say with celite…will improve the effectiveness of the scrub done afterwards rather than if it was done with fats and lipids still in the way.


That was my plan! LOL