very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


i totally agree with @Cryo13. even if they are lying about how they are doing it. They are doing it and it can be done. Just a matter of figuring it out.

Just like with any secret method in the weed game…we are all big mouths and like to brag. it will be out in the open before you know it.


I signed up to say I have seen @Waxplug1 clear BHO in person multiple times from multiple/seperate runs

that is all


Could you care to say anymore?

Like what you actually thought about it…tasted compared to other things?


Something in that message you don’t want us to see?

And wow someone just pointed out something

You make that account just to say that?

Yeah we definitely turning over the labs shelfs now… I’m pulling my hair out!!!


einsteinlabsak on ig is putting out clear shatter



@Future I’m curious to know if @HaggardShitFuck and @MEDI.CATER were created from the same ip address and it’s just someone trolling us for God knows what reason.
I know if this discussion were being had on reddit, this comment would recieve a large number of dislikes.


Lol I know medicater he had a edible business in sd but he moved a while back…its not haggard i talked to haggard on Insta bout this so it’s not medicater either…they’re both diff ppl


Elitefamextracts on IG has clear distillate that looks just like shatter


If I treat my crude with my tek it comes out clear and stable when u distill it without adding clay…however these are bho slabs with lots of flavor not distillate


Before and after being scrubbed


It looks like einstein labs makes it similar to how you do, into a buchner with some sort of filtration, so you do multiple passes to get it extra clear?


If I pass more than once it will get clearer at the sacrifice of Terps…it still has great taste and terpy profile just not as strong as it would if it was done first pass…plus all that labor is a pain…I noticed the colder I extract the easier it is to get clear on first pass


Second picture didn’t work


I got some live to come out pretty clear today, it was actually so light we thought we weren’t gonna get anything cuz of the way we froze it, so opted to pour as a slab, which ended up being more than we thought…

it was colder than Antarctica the whole run


Are you saying extract distillate with butane?

Distillate shatter?


It worked for me, it twas a video click on it


I did, it downloads and I can’t do anything with it


I screen shot it for ya, its 8 seconds of it dripping into there


I had to go into my folder and open it.

I’m special sometimes


Extractor depot sells an expensive butchner, its stainless and could surely be used inline as “single pass” in a cls. .