very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


What about pvpp for a adsorbant

Has useful information about fining agents and their properties of color reduction
It says pvpp can reduce color more than desired for red wine


I was just about to say that…I started doing this when I was a bhotard so if it wasnt for that I wouldn’t know…I use a regular rotary vane pump with a cold trap in between…4yrs still here… which is why I built an inline to replicate what I do the safe way


Started with celite…then I was like wow look what carbon can do…then I got into winemaking school and learned about adsorbents…I’m currently developing my own blend to make this clear stuff here I’ll have it out soon


So that stuff in the flask is the extract right?


Yes scrubbed


This video on pvpp states that it needs to be added to beer at 0C or lower.
This states that the manufacturer recommends the use of DE as an effective filter aid to remove all pvpp.


So you just decided to use your old equipment even though you’ve already made yourself a safer option?


Wanted to show u guys


When you are doing the “scrub” do you agitate, or are you just letting it soak in the solution?


Inline it scrubs as it passes through…but like in wine…it helps if its scrubbed then left to settle


Before being filtered


Scrubbed means agitate


No magsil does not remove color. Magsil is for pesticide remediation. The color remediation comes from bleaching clays and activated carbon.


Could you show us your safe option u made with your closed loop.


I’m picking up what you’re laying down


I think you should be proud that this forum is trying to learn your process and others independently.

This has been a several month long research project and your appearance here just verifies they are getting close. This place isn’t pay for play its share for fare.

Thank you and your team for advancing science/the community.


I think that was a very dignified response.

Though haggard has no interest in pushing us in the right direction, he handled that quite well. I can almost guarantee that any of the other main guys doing this would have came in telling us how wrong we were and didn’t know what to do, weren’t good enough, blah blah.

Though your sop isn’t open source or shareable, that’s perfectly fine. We’re not really “scrambling”, but discussing, as it is rather intriguing. Hasn’t been a year though, we’ve been at this for a couple weeks. And you absolutely should be flattered. You’re doing something great for the industry and we are wanting to replicate it. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

You should hire wax plug, but I have a feeling when you offer him a position. You probably should pay him what he’s worth. I don’t think he’s a type of guy to load columns and flip slabs. I am already thinking about offering him a position coming soon, as well. But that’d also require him to relocate.

You came in here with a good attitude. Most wouldn’t/don’t. You should stick around and offer input where you can.


Well @HaggardShitFuck and @Waxplug1 enjoy your head start. Ive learned in this community, secrets are only good for 9-18 months. Then, everyone is making your product and sometime way worse that gives it a bad reputation. Sometimes way better…IE Guild Extracts($200g)…LMAO. Like the posters above me have said, you guys have totally taken this well and i for 1 appreciate you guys and what you have shared to this point. While the game is to be sold not told, We all got here somehow. LOL. I havent seen many on this site really hurting for $$$.

I think your product looks great. id love to see some testing to see the potency and terpene %s.

As you guys have both mention there are 100s of ways to go about this. Thanks for the motivation to continually improve our techniques.

Hope you all stick around. I think as a community we all can go further with our collective. I think once the cat is out of the bag here though…Good luck with that!


I’m not still not convinced considering all I’ve seen is a picture of the end product and the way it’s being explained still seems very fishy to me.
Hopefully we’ll be able to replicate the results anyhow.


Well people are doing it somehow, or so they claim so it can either be done, or it can be made to look like it’s been done either way there are clear slabs and supposedly clear shatter going around I personally haven’t seen any of it in person but I believe it can be accomplished, even single pass through a loop