very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


DE would too, since it’s just pulverized. And celite is DE that’s been calcined (I don’t know what that is)


Calcined diatomaceous earth is simply DE that’s been heated to form a crystalline structure rather than an amorphous structure. The calcined DE really very hazardous to your lungs.


So, it’s been heat treated?


I believe so but I think the process is more dependent upon how slowly the DE is cooled after its heated.
Also calcined DE is celite.


I wanted to know since I’m going to be buying the celite, what size filter paper are you guys using to keep the celite from falling thru the filter paper.
I’ve got these 1.5 micron glass fiber filter papers but I’m not sure that they will be small enough pore size.


I have 1 micron I’m going to be using, staged beforehand, but down to. I feel that I will step through a few 25 micron and finish through the 1.


Honestly dude I think this would be as.close as it gets to having a closed loop jar vessel.

Or one with two necks.

If there’s.a way to make inserts to modify it to make it can use npt/jic then there ya go…


Motivational pic…this used to be yellow before the scrub!


Even though we’ve already been told. I’m ruling out AC completely.





Now you’re messing with my emotions



The thick parts look yellow


I don’t think there is carbon in the mix looking at the Büchner.

The wax patty just doesn’t show signs of carbon

Yo @Waxplug1. What the hell is all the particulate on your wax. Look how chunky that is.


Its gotta be the adsorbant/s


im certainly gonna take a stab at this. I just need to see how im gonna make a stainless buchner funnel real fast out of used parts but im sure i have enough to do this.


Haha I really wanna try it myself but I’ve got the distillate fish to fry, maybe I can get two birds stoned at once,
Post #420, winning


Could you show what pump your using to get the butane to run thru that buchner.
Also the way that your trying to hint that this needs to be done is advocating multiple very dangerous things