Vaping and lung disease...

From CNN just yesterday…

They subtly hint they’re also looking at counterfeit and adultered products… hint hint.

Add that to the recent article on Leafly…

and another major news source covering it…

Then there’s the Dank Vapes thread’s report from just two weeks ago…

Public opinion of vape cartridges is going to take a huge hit, especially those being produced or distributed on the black market.

Any thoughts on the potential causes? Pesticides, unique cutting agents, lung damage from ceramic glass particles, heavy metal poisoning?

I saw a thread from a year ago just earlier mentioning ceramic wicking can break down and potentially release silicone particles into our lungs… any thoughts on that?


It’s time for people to educate themselves on what they’re purchasing instead of buying carts fr twitter :woman_shrugging:


If it was purely hardware nicotine vape users would have been getting sick already. The proliferation of fake, cut, untested, and synthetic cannabinoid carts being sold is most likely the cause. Greed trumps caution or consideration. Anyone cutting or reselling fake packaging needs to be stopped, shut out, and flagged as such. We can’t cut earlobes but we need a solution or the people making regulations will get one for us, and we will not like it.


This is changing as we speak. The last non legal states will suffer the most. Just like selling flower with pesticides in non legal states. IMO


I saw you reference this in another post as well, but that study relates to tobacco smoke from combustion. How does this relate to vaporization of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, various flavoring compounds, and that’s just the e-cig side… the list of 'cut’s and chemicals in our industry is much much longer…

Those 19 chemicals we’re proposed by the FDA to be added to the HPHCs list. The significance, is once on this list they can no longer be added to anything without the FDA coming after you. This was a direct response to the Wisconsin cases, as they pushed out those 19 while the comment period is ongoing. The FDA is clearly signaling they are ready to jump in the middle of the vape game. For non legal states it is of very little relevance for cannibis. Telling the industry that PEG,PG, Glycerol are out is a big deal. Telling the industry they are looking at chemicals in vape products is a big deal. The nicotine cart regulation will lead the way at least until cannibis is legal nationally.


Actual link I meant to post laying out the extension of this setup to "e-liquids*

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It seems like they need to reclassify the list as HPHCs in inhalation products. I definitely see the relevance now.

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I read recently that most of the carts had Vitamin E acetate in common as a preservative. Apparently it shouldn’t be inhaled and can cause lipoid pnemonia and other lung related diseases. Sometimes even people with the best intentions can cause others harm.

Detroit michigan 1st ever double lung transplant from VAPI was successful as of this evening.


Wow, that’s crazy! Hopefully they recover fully.

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