URGENT TOPIC: Would anyone happen to know how to successfully run a closed loop extractor, step by step process Anyone? My wife & I just purchased

My wife & I just purchased a 5lb Apollo extractor [because we will be opening a dispensary soon] couldnt find a mentor so I took matters into my own hands in hopes to teach myself as I go. Anything helps, really dont want to blow myself up thanks guys. (Specifically to produce shatter)(Bho method )



You’re definitely in the right place. Read read read. And if your still unsure, you can hire one of many people for a consult.

Also open source steel has lots of informational videos on how to run your system on YouTube


I’d almost just say pay for a consultant. I get you wanna save money, but if you’re coming into extractions with zero experience, you’d be better off paying someone right away.

Sounds like you don’t have much room for errors, so you can’t really learn on the fly and have wasted products, and you will lose some when you’re learning.

And if it’s as urgent as you’re stating, you definitely don’t have time to learn on the job.


id probably agree with @Curious_Roberto and almost hire someone like @FicklePickle up there for a day or so… @Dred_pirate also comes to mine… @Apothecary36 might be availible…

The first run or 2 id run it emply and get a feeling for your extractor. If you dont wanna run it emply… extract some fan leaves and stems to get practice… Once youve learn how solvent moves threw your system… Then go from your worst material to your best material to give you as much practice before the consequences can get costly.

There are plenty of videos that come to mind. Open Source Steel has a few good ones… and there are some deceit ones on youtube too.


Dm sent @GoldenGarden

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You gotta pay to play no matter what.

You either decide to pay in time and materials, or you pay a consultant cash.

Either way you’re paying something.


Open blast a few times with a glass tube. You learn things when you’re boiling a salad bowl of oil laden n tane.
I also advise folks to learn how to drive on a stick shift.


I would also highly recommend a consult from someone with experience making good finished products. This will 100% save you so much trouble, hassle and frustration and most importantly will potentially save lives.


@Baxter might be able to help you out, he’s looking for gigs right now and likely won’t charge you an arm and a leg


Ive paid 3k for 8 hr consultations, I charge 250/8hr


@GoldenGarden where are you located?

What are your desired end products?

There is much to learn. I hope you are good at overcoming adversity, dealing with costly mistakes, and have a passion for science and learning if you chose to learn all on your own. I did…but it took some failures along the way that could have been avoided had I had some guidance. The guidance is here…whether you want to learn on your own or get someone to consult with you…the forum is here for support.

Edit - sorry @Baxter, that was directed at the OP


They stated they want plain ol shatter.

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Thank you Rowan. Feel free to send me a message. I take workplace safety very seriously. We can go through how to set everything up as safe as possible, then we can get an efficient and high quality process down. I have references if you’d like to vet me.


If it don’t shatter, it don’t matter


Not sure what you mean.

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I dont think its important. You sound plenty qualified to help. As would I say @FicklePickle (edit oops I meant @TwistedStill but also @ficklepickle) should even be able to help OP @GoldenGarden

Plenty of qualified people to help if you want to avoid headaches and hazards

If you plan on doing this in conjunction with a dispensary I’m assuming there is some sort of licensing involved.

There is a lot more going on than just learning how to run that particular cls.

Please hire a consultant with an understanding of the laws in your area.


Noble of you to be concerned about them potentially hiring incompetent consultants. If you’d like you can give me a phone call and quiz me before sharing any further opinions.

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I apologize. I thought you were saying I shouldn’t be trusted.


He might not be, but I would warn against it without a decent amount of conversing ahead of time considering you popped up from no where with a vague recommendation.

Everyone else mentioned for consults would likely be a decent choice. If you still need some info after they’ve gotten you squared away, which would be unlikely, I do some consulting :wink: