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Hi Future4200 members, Future and GLG,
I’ve been browsing the forum since December and read over 2500 individual replies in the shadows. I have joined today as I want to get involved with the community.

Some background… I am looking at making carts for my own personal use with Rosin + Terpenes only. I’m almost there with the equipment apart from a hot plate magnetic stirrer but the one area I’m stuck on is what Terpene company to trust.

It seems like a minefield trying to find a company who is open and honest and making good quality terpenes. The other is issue is I’m in the UK and it’s hard to find one that ships from the US to here.

Through the abundance of knowledge available on this forum, I have filtered through the ones to avoid and have got to the stage where I have selected a couple of companies…

Denver Terpenes - unfortunately they do not ship to the EU. Are their terpenes worth buying? I have a friend in the US who could buy and ship to me.

Sweet Terpenes - ordered via their eBay store and got stopped at customs and confiscated (refund via PayPal but Sweeterps lost their product).

Gold Coast Terpenes - Recently read they were being shady with their dilutent like True Terpenes.

Floraplex - are their Tepenes worth buying and do they ship to the UK?

The Terpene Store - not read anything bad so far, huge range of terps (are they decent) and they ship to UK.

Terpenes RAW sound like the Rolls Royce of Terps but I’m still new to this and not ready to invest in a premium product whilst I’m still experimenting with my cart making technique…

Any other recommendations would be great and I look forward to engaging with you all.


using rosin you may not need extra fake terps to get the flavor you desire.


I haven’t made a cart yet but I have some organic grown Reserva Privada OG18 and Paradise White Widow IBL to press. My thinking was the flavour would be a bit bland (these aren’t super smelly dripping with crystal buds) and would need some Terps for the entourage effect.

My other reason for using the terps was to make the rosin a bit less viscous so it doesn’t solidify in the cart.

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When you make a distillate cartridge you strip away most of the things that made it have a unique flavoring. I like Denver Terpenes, the Terpene Store, and Extract Consultants.

terpenes-uk do their own terpenes and also stock some us companies terps including one on your list. might be worth a look considering previous customs trouble you have had.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve looked at Terpenes-UK but haven’t heard anything about how good their terpenes could be…

I didn’t realise they stocked TTS but they only have limited flavours and most are out of stock.

Improve your rosin skills and save your money.

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I wouldn’t know where to improve on it yet but my method so far is to place the material in the heat press, then scrape the rosin from the parchment paper.

Press temp, press time, press pressure and possibly decarboxylating the material first are factors I am hoping to perfect the more I research.

The key to making good rosin is to first make ice water hash from fresh frozen nug. Then dry the hash, then press the hash.

Pressing nug is decent but more prone to being dark or green tasting


If your rosin flows through the cart and has a desirable taste I would leave it alone. If your looking for a bigger profit margin thats another story. If you pick A strain high in terpenes to begin with your product will be top notch and nothing you can do will improve that. If you must put terpenes in your product the best advice I can give is purchase a terpene that is derived from cannabis/hemp. Your product is already as pure as it can get, why ruin it with fake flavors.


straight rosin in a cart clogs. people are always suggesting this but everyone who says this clearly have never tried it. you either need a different form of cannabinoids or you need to add terps so the waxes don’t clog

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I haven’t made any carts yet but the rosin was very sticky so I wanted to dilute it slightly to flow better in the carts. I won’t be making them to sell so no profit involved, these will purely be for myself to consume.

As I’m in the UK I don’t have a choice on picking a strain that is high in terps as it’s pretty much what the plug has available, likewise I don’t have great options for canna/hemp terps as there is very little available in the UK and not all US terp companies ship here…

I ordered from Terpenes UK and went for their own flavours as most of The Terpene Store flavours they had were out of stock. I went for;

NYC Diesel
Super Sour Diesel
Guava Gelato
Forbidden Fruit
Tahoe OG
Sour Zkittlez
Mango Kush

I’m going to try a 5% terp ratio but first I need to know how much flower needs to be pressed into rosin to make a 500mg cart. This is all new to me so I’m hoping to get it right first time.

but you will learn so much more from failures than success. 5% is a good place to start. and are you saying 1 single 500 mg cart?

Exactly that, failure is part of the learning curve and how you improve on your methods and technique.

Yes, 1 single 500mg cart… I bought x20 of them and I’m in the process of researching how many grams of flower I will need to press to fill that cart. Thanks

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I’ve just seen this, many thanks for sharing the link.

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Hey there, I am also UK based and make my own carts.
I have used Terpenes UK but they have not been my favorite.
I have enjoyed the products from Mass Terpenes, they ship to UK from USA.
None of these are cannabis derived terpenes, so they are manufactured instead.
However, I would suggest your best bet is to attempt to preserve the original terpenes whilst extracting, honestly would produce a much better overall cart.

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fully decarbed hash rosin smokes fine in a vape all on its own. downside is more money to buy water hash equipment then the very low yields of making hash rosin.

flower rosin would need to be fully decarbed to have a chance in hell at working well. even with terps may not work well due to waxes and other undesirables found in flower rosin vs hash rosin

I thought you had to use terps as a cutting agent to thin the rosin?

Edit: should have read further down where someone already mentioned this.

An update on how trying to make my own carts went… AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER.

I don’t know if I had the right temp, pressure or time pressing but the amount of rosin from 3G of flower wasn’t a lot. Once I had scraped it up, I couldn’t get it off the scraper into the beaker - every YT tutorial skips this part. I’d say I lost 50% of product with it sticking to the scraper and beaker. I then tried to melt the rosin around the beaker but the temp needed to get it melting started to cook the rosin in the bottom. End result, no cart and I managed to wipe the remaining rosin on 5 sweets, no idea if they will work.

For the folks saying don’t use terps just use your rosin, this was impossible. I wasn’t able to get the pure rosin to liquify and even if I did 3G of flower wouldn’t be enough to line the bottom of the cart, let alone fill it.

My only option is to use a dilutent as the 8 drops of terps I’ve seen recommended in tutorials wouldn’t be enough to break it down or create enough liquid to full the 500mg cart.

I was majorly disappointed with my efforts.