Rosin Fractioning / Rosin Cart

Is there anybody on here familiar with fractioning rosin. I am trying to create a rosin cartridge similar to that of DabLogic. I was told they actually fraction the terpenes off separate from the thc-A which I have no idea how they would do that. Does anybody have any insight into this?

probably with vac/ heat/carrier gas. there are lots of methods to volatilize and trap molecules.

Repressing rosin at lower heat will leave the thc a and allow the terps to seep out, like the rosin seeps our from the flower or hash
Also, for rosin pens, I heard they bring to decarb temp for 20ish minutes then leave on a seedling May and it ends up clear and more fluid.
This is just what I heard, but he does rosin, and I don’t ,


oh yeah, like this?

I thought it might be something different that he was talking about.

No fractions. Use jar tech to get the consistency.


So basically just decarb with lid on in Vac Oven?


Sexy tech!