Trusted terpene and cannabis derived terpene companies vendor list

Hi y’all, new here but have been lurking for years. I know it has been discussed and the search button can help but I wanted to make a thread with all legitimate and trusted terpene companies that have been used as a reference for anyone looking for reputable terpene companies all in one nice thread instead of doing multiple searches and everyone’s experiences with the companies and how good the products are. I can start off with ones I’ve tried I hope others add to them as well.

True terps: I have heard some people go both ways with this company but for me they have quality terpene profiles and are very nice people, they sent me samples and were very generous.

Floraplex: quality terps, unbeatable price I was very pleased, some flavors weren’t up to my standards but the majority were very good and they work for me.

Mr terps: they claim to be cannabis derived but I’ll keep it real they don’t taste like it and a lot of their flavors are very similar not a big fan and for the price it’s a rip off. ( I know I said trusted but needed to make sure nobody else wasted their money on these jokesters)

PeaksupplyCo: ok so I have bought some of their terps off amazon and I didn’t like them at all and they all tasted similar and very cut, now someone brought to my attention the one from amazon was a fake and not the real deal so I’d like for anyone who has used them to help input some feedback about them

Mass terps: I have heard a lot of good things about this company and I have a order on the way.


Oregon rain: they have a decent amount of hemp derived terpenes that are very good and was please, I mix these with my terpene botanical blends and they compliment each other nicely

TerpenesRaw: as many of you know they provide high quality cannabis derived terps, probably the best on the market. Prices are high but once you try them you’ll realize it’s very worth it and speak for themselves. This is personally my favorite all the terps are fire no questions asked I’ve purchased their hemp derived terps my favorite is lifter mixed with the hulk. Their cherry limeade is very nice too and the prices are great their website

Hifitter terps: Great terps hemp derived very good

Clear nation: they have a nice variety of tasty cannabis derived terpenes at competitive prices

Terpenescali: this place has a nice variety of cannabis derived terpenes highly recommended by people here

These are the companies I have tried and have more on the way from abstrax , mass terps and will be trying sweet terps as well. I will include links to the website later I’m on break at work and bored and don’t have the time at this moment.

I encourage y’all to please list all good reputable terpene companies on here or DM me so I can update this list and make it complete so everyone can go to one post and have the reference for all trusted and quality Terpene suppliers I need your help guys, please and thank you.


The makers of viscosity and Uber thick probably don’t belong on a “trusted terpenes” list…:thinking:


Because these guys don’t belong in the same post…


Yeah lets keep it cannabis derived:
Clearnation has some of the best canna terps that sometimes drop below cart farm cost

@distydeals has some of the most unique hemp terps out there. Added to any of my strains (especially hulk) they make canna derived taste at a fraction of the price.
@terpenescali makes vacuum distilled terps that really compete with everyone else. He has some of the most strains and highest quality of any of the canna terps I’ve personally tested.


I should have clarified not trusted but terps that aren’t watered down or a vendor selling 10 different kinds that all taste the same. It won’t let me edit the original post but I misspelled

Yea some people make Uber thick and others but still have quality terpenes and I’m not judging based off them making Uber thick and viscosity thickeners. I just want to simply make a list of companies that people have used and are satisfied. True terps and Floraplex sell viscosity items but in the terpene side aren’t all that bad so I want to make this list complete with companies that have terps wether cannabis derived or not that people have used without issues and are satisfied with their blends.

I will however split the list into 2 one part for cannabis derived terps and the pother part for non CDT”s

I did include @betroit he runs

As for @qma or @drjackhughes I haven’t heard of them but I will include them for CDT”s

But I also haven’t included them because I haven’t personally tried them or their terps that’s why I am reaching to people who have used them and others to help compile the list I didn’t want to put companies down that I haven’t tried without knowing about them to personally put it in the list and that’s why I am reaching out to the community so we can have a go to list with all companies with positive feedback that people have useS or satisfied with

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@GoldCoastTerpenes has some good terps.


Anyone who has any other places em they have personally tried and liked post it here or DMme so I can add them to the list and @MassTerpenes. 100%


I have cart farm in there I just ordered from mass terps myself thanks for the contribution


So i can sell meth but coach a little league team and that makes it ok?

Asking for a company that sells uber thick but has good non cannabis derived terps. :wink:


If you know or have any better vendors please let me know. I’m not saying vendors aren’t a rip off but I’ve bought off people like true terpenes and liked the product. I’m not sure why this has to turn into that kind of thread if you know better vendors then please let us know so we can try them too and this thread is to help us out and the list is suppose to be just that a list of Terp companies people have tried and like, some people may like certain companies and some won’t like them and I’d like to know both reasons but just because one may not like a company doesn’t mean someone else won’t every company has a hit and miss with certain products. Truth be told there are some people I’d assume like to sell high quality terpenes to have repeat customers but also carry things like Uber thick for customers who would want that as well and appeal to any needs of a customer because if one sells shitty terps won’t have many repeat customers. I’d like to know all the companies people have tried and pros and cons

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Good thread i like where this is going. Bullshit company past ethics aside, just about the terps. The precious terps.
I think 2021 is gonna be the year of the terps :wink:


bro what is this terps 21 thing :joy: :joy:

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I found the cannaterp SOURCE i got new samples inbound. The second I see thay they are fire they are going up on tue site at 20-25 an ml.

Everyone else has started selling hte at reasonable ounce rates ($400) and people have started extracting hemp hte


hey can you elaborate for me on the significance? do you mean the terp distillers are able to source an input material more cheaply and reliably (hte in this case)? or do you mean legal cannabis co are offering hte to consumers? or neithah

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Nah, this is for the black market people making pens. The legal market is still a wax and distilled terps are still “just aiiight”


I’m pretty sure you were told who the best vendors are. Its just you also have the worst in the same bunch.

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Don’t forget , we have 5 varieties of hemp terpenes
(Almost every company listed above has purchased terpenes from us before)

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New Shit:\

Got pest, solvent, and heavy metal tests as well.