True Terpenes New Viscosity?

Where have I heard the 100% Terpenes claim before…

INGREDIENTS : Phytol, Beta-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Farnesol and Nerolidol

I’ll pay to have someone buy some and get it tested, let’s see if they have fixed their act


@anon56994712 _ foolery


I’m sure they’re not lying. High purity phytol (99%) has virtually no smell. Lower purity phytol which is what you will see from most isolate suppliers has a very noticeable smell so it was not often thought of as an odorless terpene. The other terpenes listed are highly aromatic so my guess is that they account for maybe 1% and are basically fluff to make it look more technical than it is.

This product is not exactly original. Unfortunate to see this move.


Which part of it do you find unfortunate?


is this part of the they’re rehabilitated shtick lets bring em back?


Is phytol found in cannabis?

Isnt that the shark terpene?

Nvm phytol is degraded chloraphyll


You are thinking of squalene. Which is still not a shark terpene, but some have correlated it to this because squalene was originally discovered in shark liver oil. A Japanese scientist was trying to figure out why sharks did not get cancer and eventually found that squalene was one of the things that protected them from UVB exposure. All animals produce squalene and it actually is a major constituent in human sebum. The main use for it is in face serums because it mimics the oils our skin produce naturally. Squalene does not have good shelf life so many companies sell the hydrogenated form, Squalane as it is technically a triterpene and odorless. It is derived from olives. No one would ever use it from shark, whale, fish, etc because actual squalene smells like rancid fish. You will see shark liver oil supplements in health food stores but they are masked by an enteric coated capsule so you do not ever witness how disgusting it actually smells. Regardless, squalane does not really mix well so it’s not a common ingredient anymore with cannabis products.


Haven’t we known for ages that phytol is basically a flavorless terpene? At least they’re being honest.


I think they caused enough damage in the past, and I surely hope no one ever forgets their BS mineral oil scam.

I sure wont, nor will I ever give a dime to that shister of a company.


I literally just offered to pay to expose them if they are lying again


I’d love to see the results. I’m working on using my own phytol blends as well but more in the 1-2% range

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Well you and I both know that new bottle is going to test exactly as they say with what is going on with the CDC.


I once thought I knew somethings, now I’m not sure I know anything


Unless they completely changed who they source their Terpenes from, I highly doubt it is any less toxic. Just a different blend of reagent chemicals held in suspension.

I still have a factory sealed bottle of their first scam juice if anyone wants to test vs their new scam juice.

My lab refuses to test any mystery oil since this issue last yr that shut them down for 2-3 wks to clean their machine.


Saw this article the other day, we shall see.

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Ill have it tested, dm me


After years of packaging in a grimy warehouse in North Portland :see_no_evil: Or they are just lying about their credentials…again
Both their Warehouse & Kitchen were in the Top 5 most scandalous ass lab set ups I’ve EVER been in. I’ve seen garage labs cleaner & safer than how they were operating


I will send you free Viscosity to test on behalf of True Terpenes

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I have the OG mineral oil bottle if you want to test the old and new scam…I mean stuff.