True Terpene reviews

Hey community,
As you know True terpene had been kind enough to send some sample packs to any intereated glg member. I reveived my package on sunday, and I thought i’d post a review on what I thought about them.

I recieved 8 flavors and a sample of the viscosity liquifyer. The packaging was very well thought out, down to the biodegradable packing peanuts.
There were no signs of leakage, or damage.
The flavors that stood out for me were strawnana, tangie, and the super sour diesel.
Both the strawnana and the tangie suprised me, usually something like this smells like candy or has a very one noted smell. Both of these have a pleasent weed like odor, and are very complex.
The super sour diesel won’t dissapoint either, it is as advertized with a very pungent fuel smell.

If anyone has any reviews for true terpenes you can post them here.Thanks @DerekTTpdx for the samples!:+1:


You can also leave a review at


I have used all the flavors in the pic and a bunch more. I did not receive my sample pack yet. Out of all the flavors I tried so far Zkittles, Gelato, and Blue Dream are my favs. I also love the flavor of those weed strains so I am pretty sure that’s the biggest reason I like those terps so much. I do not use MCT or any other cut for my carts. Just TT terps and TT liquifier. Cant wait to try the Strawnana.


The strawnana is the best version I have come across.


We have a new forbidden fruit coming out that I promise won’t disappoint! I am coming to the GLG meet up and will make sure to bring free samples for everyone!!

Hope to see you all there.



Forbidden fruit is one of my favorite night time strains!


nice, ill see you there

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Just got the pack! Will be sampling it tomorrow. The smell from the strawnana is fucking insane! The headband is truely skunky… I’m impressed quite a bit with just smelling them.

Tomorrow we’ll ‘flavor’ a few little globs of distillate and practically terp-less THCA sugar and I’ll post a more thorough review.

Thank you so much for the gift. I’m meeting with a friend who owns a chain of smoke shops on Friday - he was very interested to try these out for possibly stocking them in the future :man_scientist:

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That is great! Give him my information. I will make sure to give you a nice kick back if I can seal the deal.

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Got my terpenes today, the strawnana is amazing.
The green crack smells very unique but not like green crack, still very good.
The pineapple Express smells more like pine than pineapple.
You guys are the best. Thank you!


Who do I contact to get a sample pack? I didn’t see anything about it on the GLG site.


Wondering the same over here. Would much rather test some flavors before I know what formulation to buy in bulk. If anyone knows, please DM me.

In case you did not see this already:

Definitely should have been advertised via email/notification to everyone who has a GLG membership; doesn’t make sense why it wasn’t.

Hey Dabby,

Thanks for your post and suggestion.

We announced the giveaway on the forum and the GLG website and re-opened it for another week to allow more people to enter that didn’t see the posts. We will be doing another one soon and will definitely send out an email notification as well this time. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks TrueTerps! I just have to pay more attention and jump online and scour the posts more frequently I guess. I’ll definitely be jumping into the next giveaway to give those terps a try! I appreciate the response!

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True Terps are legit. Flavoring is on point and they don’t have that alcohol smell that others do. :+1:

Yes! True Terpenes are the best! @TrueTerpenes Do you have any new products? Thank you so much for the Viscosity sample. What do I do with it?

Are your terpenes cannabis-derived?

I hope honest reviews arent deleted. I was so excited to receive my terpenes I bought 3 bottles, weeks later they never arrived. No responses to anything. A month later I finally got a hold of someone they said they didnt know where my order was it never shipped. They did apologize and send another. I was hoping for an extra goodie or something for all the issues but oh well, the items arrived with only 7 months left of shelf life according to the exp date. Product is ok, I liked the gelato best but I wont be reordering again considering the price for the short shelf life and poor customer service. They are nice its just too hard to get a hold of anyone I had to send several emails and a message on facebook(still unanswered) to get any response