Trs21 leaking

My friend is letting me use his trs21 recovery pump. On the last use I noticed it was leaking minute amount of tane. I place a butane leak sensor on the floor under the entire system. Occasionally it would start reading 1-4 and occasionally a little higher.
How do I go about this situation and what caused it?

I don’t own a TRS-21 but I read that the screw on the front tends to leak butane.

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Do you know if they do it from the factory?
Or is this an issue that comes over time?
This isn’t my pump so I don’t know much about them

Do you know where the leak is coming from exactly?

I have the pump on the floor of my rack and the leak detector under it.
From what I’m assuming is it’s coming from the hole on the bottom or fan shroud

Most likely the hole on the bottom of the crankcase, we use the crap out of trs-21’s and they are good pumps just need to be rebuilt quite a bit. The problem you are seeing is the piston seals have worn down and is causing the pressure to slightly escape down past them and into the crankcase. I would buy the piston build kit. Not just the seal kit. The top seal on the pistons can not be replaced so you need to totally replace them. On a bonus note with this you will be able to recover faster.


Ya I noticed it was really slow.
Well this is my friends pump. I’m not rebuilding it he left it with me blown out lol

Guess I’ll be getting a pump on Monday.
The plus side is I’m going to get one with the 3/8 on it and not a 1/4 with a 3/8th adapter. So it will go even quicker I hope

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How often do these pumps need a rebuild?
I’m assuming the one here has 100s of hours on it with no rebuild

Depends, CPS says 200 hours, and we stick to that. Our pumps are on pretty much non stop for 7 hours 5 days a week, so we rebuild every 5 weeks a little under the number but we’re practically cooking them so they deserve it, then we do a complete rebuild kit every 5th rebuild. Sounds like a lot of maintenance but we’ve never had one fail, we use 4 trs-21s and 2 cemp-ol’s all on the same machine, the trs-21’s are much easier to rebuild then the cemps but are much louder as an fyi.


The trs21’s go around 200 hours depending on how you run them. If you want to fix the leak you will need to buy a full rebuild kit. Very common issue after many hours on those pumps


Yup. 100% you need new pistons. If you can afford it replace the valves and all that as well. But when we had that problem we did a full valve and gasket change and it didn’t work. The piston seals are what goes bad. New pistons will fix it


It’s crazy to compare the difference in compression compared to new and worn pistons

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Thanks for the advice. I’m just going to get my own and stop using my friends. Used it only a few runs so I know I’m not the responsible one.

Or I mean you could run both but depends how bad the leak is and if it’s in a safe environment…

Actually I don’t recommend this

not trying to dirty the thread

Just curious if someone ran 5LB’s of butane to 1LB of material and only did a run once a month how long would a trs-21 last before it needs a rebuild. - 1/4" connections -

A long time. You could do that everyday for 5 days a week for 2 months

So I snagged my own pump. Got the 3/8 bore. Learned something ive been doing wrong. I’ve been letting the collection fill, and then put it on hot water before I have been turning the pump on. They said to turn the pump on during injection

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