Tricks of the trade



@Dred_pirate explains the utility of a N2 generator over buying tanks.


What kind of chiller don’t use for what kind of solvent tank?


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one thing that saved me a huge headache when cleaning all my spd glassware was the magic of PH up and iso . mix those two together 1:1 even and over night all stains are gone brand new glassware without any damage or frustrated technicians . your welcome lol


Sounds like a neat trick
Please take your time to write down the tech so fools like me can understand :grinning:


I found a neat trick cleaning fritted disc buchner funnels

Flip buchner upside down on a roastin pan or the like (like used for cooking turkeys)

Spray solvent of choice in drip tube of buchner funnel and let gravity drain down. Do this a couple times, and the frit should be clean as can be.


No heat on i asume on the roasting pan ?


No heat
Room temp solvent of choice (I use 99% iso).

It cleaned my 2yr old used buchner, and 2 new ones that were fn green from my “grinch filtering” ethanol run.

Anyone know if acetone is safe on fritted discs?


just go to your local grow store and buy a bottle of Ph up the acidity eats through everything mix with a mother liquid so its not all ph up that stuff will each away at your skin so ware protective gloves and dilute it in some iso 1 part ph up to 1 part iso . in other words if u use 100ml of ph up use 100ml of iso to dilute it then have ur glass ware soak over night and it should be clean by morning .


I’ve used acetone on my fruited disc Büchners. It was literally the only way I was able to get them spotless. Then I ran them in the alconex.

Followed by washed with distilled water.


Try back filling them with iso and let them gravity drain back out. It worked for 8 of my fritted buchners.

Glad to know acetone wont fubar the fritted disc.


Tasty fruited frit :rofl::rofl:


I’m about to sonic a jar. Do you do it warm? Leave it open? Or just vent it?
I’m going to do it warm, with the jar shut, then vent it off. I couldn’t find the way to do it, so I’ll just give it a go!

I gave it a go doing the closed warm jar for 90s, then open jar and let vent. Allow to warm on hotplate, then another cycle. Worked well and noticed significant odor loss each time. But then one jar, while on the hot plate, its bottom broke and oil leaked out. I managed to capture most, but lost a bit. Not sure when it happened exactly. I remember hearing a distinct click/crack sound when I first put the jars into the sonic bath, could have been from temperature difference of jar and water, but it didn’t actually break until 4 cycles. Only one jar broke, the other is still intact.


Try using birosilicate glass or metal
Deu to two diffrent liquids the glass gets stress because of diffrent heat transfers


Maybe a good idea for the original sop from @Future for sonication for odor löss
I left the flask open When i did iT but at around 50C


something I picked up a while ago and have been using for a couple years now-

When running an aero cloner, add a small amount of pool shock to the res. I use 1tsp per res (my res is about 5 gal). This will help keep any slime buildup from forming and helps your water last longer between changes. I find this great when running perpetual clones when you barely have any cloner downtime. Using this method I can go a month or more between cleanings, just change the water weekly. My cloning success went much higher when I started doing this.


Here is what I do to help put collection platter on rack mounted CLS. If you put the bottom piece up to the gasket hold on the bottom center with one hand when aligned take clamp in other hand and put one side on and press in. Hold the clamp on with that hand and use your finger to press the bolt in and that will hold the bottom in place while you grab the other clamp to put on. I always have my bolts in the hole and align it evenly. May seem sketchy the first time but trust me it works. Just keep the pressure on it with the clamp. Hope that helps.


Nope. Not a pro-tip…

Use a lab-jack.

Or use your vac pump to hold it up (see up thread…)


I’ll try the vac method for sure on Monday sounds legit. Also I’m rocking a spray nozzle on the bottom of my collection pot so the jack stand would have to be retrofitted to avoid the nozzle. Thanks for the tip.


That is such a basic and awesome solution to the dreaded slip of those panda dry spinners!