Tricks of the trade



Stick them in a bucket so their motors are potentially submerged in 190 proof ethanol? Then run them?

Awesome isn’t the first word that springs to mind.

Have you removed the bottom panel on one?




I don’t want to start a fight here but if the solvent is approaching -90F, the flash point is a long way from 70f… so its not apples to apples. I do understand your point. However, and this is not to go without warning others to approach at your own risk, but I have personal experience running 3 of these, around the clock for several months without a single failure and it was the most straight forward path to a feed stock to the rotary evaporator. We would collect and repour the solvent until it approached -30F and then spin the solvent out and throw the duff outside in a compost pile nearly dry.


active cls

i found if i put a wax trap befor my pump and the molesleeve after i get faster recovery times. i believe the pump pushes beter than it pulls. plus wax trap before you pump keeps it cleaner.

i alway run a multi coil cooling. 2 coils in dry ice and acetone. with the tane bottle in an acetone/dry ice bath will get your tane to -103 to -105f.

leave a filter stack on you coumns for seemless column swaps.

prepack your columns the night before. freeze them on dry ice. i have had great results with that.

the faster you can get tane through your material the less saturation time you have the less crap you get. i prefer shorty columns for that. con is you have to do more column.


Using the internal coil in my recovery vessel and a dry ice slurry i can get the temps down below -50. I have never used the jacket to try to get them lower because my CLS is rated at -40. I always thought the coil and jacket was sort of overkill except the jacket adds a bit of insulation from ambient temps. Am i missing something here? Could I be recovering faster at -100?

My system is passive btw it probably doesn’t matter tho


If you have valve under your column… remember to open it! Was Wondering why she stalled out and wouldn’t move…I opened and stalled again, I found the culprit the hard way!

Noob Lesson learned…

If you have Valve under your column, don’t forget to open it once you start injection! I didn’t lose everything!

My first coffee filters, every stage I had was plugged…

I imagine since I have screen under my material column then valve being closed let it just ooze through…

O if I had my n2 going I could tore threw it and let my metal screens handle the rest


Whats that
Happy You found iT thou


My filters paper solid oil soaked… clogged up, I didn’t open my valve , was late …was more laughing comment


:grinning: a day learned is a good day be safe :+1:


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I’ve taken that cryo ethanol and hit it with a torch. I was unable to cause a flame until it was over the flash point.


I was concerned about ignition sources running the panda. We ran a few experiments safely attempting to ignite small amounts of super cold 200 EtOH. As far as I can tell its not easy to do until it reaches warmer temps.



I have threatened just such behavior to prove that point…but folks see me with a torch and they scatter…and imo that demonstration needs witnessed :innocent:




I was actually taken by surprise when this vented brake rotor made it impossible to light the cauldron of parafin (left over from embedding tissue samples) in a cold desert wind…


Stop cutting parchment paper. You have no idea how easy life is with these


Good price!!!


I pinch the corners with a paper clip and setting up for a pour has never been easier. All perfect sized and everything




Know when to hold them and know when to fold them… in my lab you got to know when to walk away and know when to run…