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So it seems everyone in here is like a real chemist/scientist/genius. Besides me or corse. lol it possible you guys can dumb it down for the little guys like me?? Just for a short period of time lol I’m mean fuck the “papers” are killing me I just need some simple directions on how to use my wfe

Temps, what to use to fill the chillers/jesting circulators, what vac should be at. There’s a lot of consultants on here not sure who to call for help everyone seems almost out of budget for us. I’m willing to give back forsure just need help what ever I can do I will do but need some help. I’m just a regular guy with a family living in a trailer on a few acres with some decent equipment and a shit ton of kief. Just can’t have someone show up and help us out due to the fact this is all my family has and can’t jepordize it but let’s work soenthing out we need help bad!!!


Outline your production process, I’ll help if I can.


What are you looking to do with your kief? Are you using this land to grow? Do you have space for lab equipment?

I wouldn’t mind extending some knowledge if you can provide some basic info.

Let us know your plan/goals.

Take a look at that link first for the WFE parameters.

Kief is a bitch. Best bet is to dissolve it in nearly boiling ethanol while aggressively agitating. Then filter. Then winterize and filter. Recover ethanol and you should be ready for the WFE.


@Future Ok thanks for that! I’ll re read the thread carefully. Yea I’ve herd kief is a bitch to run. I was going to use iso in room temp and then filter then dewax then filter again and recover. So I need to heat the iso before introducing it to the kief? Ummmm I wonder hie I would do that

Want to trim the kief into distillate. Yea we have space to grow but aren’t cause we are using the shop to run our lab but there is plenty room for equipment. We should be good to grow hemp here as the county doesn’t allow cannabis yet. Klamath falls is lame as hell!!! Pourset courny in the state but don’t want to let it rock out yet!

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What equipment do you have available to you?

20l filtering apparatus, 20l rotary evaporators with -30 30 liter chillers, 6inch whiped film system. The 50l reactor is in the process of being bought also a few columns for pest remediation.

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How much kief are you looking to run daily/weekly?

@OilArt @Soxhlet @Future
I don’t want to cut any corners cause we are going to be going threw a lot of kief. Rite now there is 100 we need to process. And I plan on continuing to drysift instead of washing trim. To much trim to do that method of extraction and I’m a 1 man army. Also the distribution is a complete other thing but I’m not st the bridge yet first thighs first.

Would like to bang these :100: out ASAP and the. E able to do thst biweekly. Has the goal anyways lol I think it’s managable I can do 100hrs a week no issue

How do you plan on winterizing? Got a walk in freezer?

Keif is interesting to run due to how fine it is and how difficult it seems to be to pull compounds from. Heated ethanol (or even room temp ethanol) should get you a decent yield. I would recommend a heating mantle with non-exposed wiring if you want to heat it.

Look at future’s bucket tek method. You should be able to pull that off. In exception of the chilling of ethanol, it should be relatively the same. You can choose to use small-micron filter bags but will need to filter regardless since some keif will inevitably spill into your solvent.

Filter your solvent with varying degrees of filters. (20 micron, 10 micron, 5 micron, etc) to get the remaining keif out and then rotovap it. I like to leave a little solvent in at the end of a rotovap for easier transferring. I’m assuming this would not be okay for the wiped film system though.

Are you using a POPE or something similar? Do you have a mantle style SPD?

You use a counterflow heat exchanger and pump your solvent through it .

I have a few deep freezers that stay constant -10 -15

My system is very similar to a pope. Just larger and is capable of continuious operation. I am still assembling everything and most is done. I should be done this week.

If you plan to extract in a large vessel it might be a bottle neck in your process having to split the batch up into lots of small containers in order to freeze them. It might be better to crash out the waxes in a large tank, then open up the bottom valve and send the liquid to your filter under gravity. A walk in freezer has a lot of advantages.


spitballing here…

to get the help you need without the financial burden, how about a WFE class at your house?

Yeah, the number of participants might be adversely effected by the blindfold clause you’re imposing, but charging 10 folks $1k a piece would go a long way towards defraying even $5k a day consulting fees.


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Lol ok ok let me be clear the blindfold was me just trying to explain how highly guarded I am when it comes to my family. I would def work with someone I can bet first to make sure one they aren’t a physcopath ornthr police. Ya know but having a class here might not work but my system is completely custom
Rack so I can Dailey break it down and snd our into s back of my doc and taken anywhere so I’m down to maybe do something like your talking about…


I can usually convince folks I’m not the popo…

but proving I’m not a cyclopath has been somewhat problematic.

I’ve asked the boss about a WFE class at our place (licensed facility) in Eugene. Not holding my breath though. Would still require an expert to come teach it.