The A word

Going to try some autos in a few weeks. All outdoors in soil.
Too many choices now. Much hype involved, mine is better than yours…
Pics of many AF are tempting. But what lives up to tough expectations?

My preference are haze like sativas or hybrids . I make a lot of hash too.
I would like to try a few different breeders and varieties to see which I like best.

Should I start indoors for a couple of weeks but thought I’ve read that transplants get a noticeable setback when moving outdoors to plant in soil?

Main question is what cut in potency am I realistically looking at?

I’m kinda particular so any thoughts?

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Zero cut in potency if you go with mephisto they are good genetics.


I wanna believe

i would start inside for a couple weeks but make sure to have an adequate pot size , most autos tend to flower once root bound

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I recommend direct sowing seeds into your finished container. 1 seed per gallon. If you would like to run any Humboldt Seed Co gear, let me know. Chunkadelic and Sour Apple are my favorite Autos right now.


Plant seeds in a triangle pattern. Here is 3 Auto seedlings direct sown in a 3 gallon.

It’s critical that the seedlings roots are not bound or restricted. They will initiate flower at a young age if roots are restricted too early.


Ethos and Mephisto autos are killer for an early outdoor crop. I think @Thetetraguy has a line on some fire auto genetics too.

It’s a low and slow burn on nutes, so I would do a medium amended organic soil like half Happy Frog/half Ocean Forest or Happy Frog with a couple inches of hotter Coast of Maine soil in the bottom of the container.


Are there autos >25% thc? They seem to take about a 5% hit on thc content, presumably due to the ruderalis bred into it?


They used to be literally half the potency. Because of good breeding practices, they are topping out 20-23% from what I’ve seen.


No way man mine go over 30 all day. J/k

I would agree 20% seems to be the zone


Anything above 20% i think is an anomaly at this point and doesnt reperesent the full seed stock. Im used to seeing the main average around 18% thc for the top tier autos rn


Ive got orange bubba glue from flyinglion.research in the ground.
And im ordering some trizzlers and glue sniffer from twenty20mendocino

Trizzlers :point_down:

Glue sniffer :point_down:

Heres his email, dont dm him on IG.

Tell em i sent u for some brownie points :grin:


Are you ordering seeds or started? These look great for auto’s

You guys really need to try some meph seeds, they are for sure fun to grow. That’s the canna cheese 1:1 thc: cbd


Seeds, dont buy auto starts, u dont know how much theyve been tortured lol

Almost all these guys use mephisto breeding stock, if u can get ur hands on his seeds, id go with that but most of the time there arent widely available


Makes sense. Thank you :blush:

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The thing that sold me on twenty20mendocino was their Double Durban Poison. It’s just like I remember from when I was a kid. It is seriously one of the stinkiest strains I have ever grown and overpowered the entire room and makes my mouth water. I’d trust your recommendation for their autos.


We are seeing indoor autos over 20% with some of the new crosses. I have yet to see an outdoor run over 20.


Same one I got beans for?